Will the Vaccine Mean A Return to the Office?

With hope on the horizon with the launch of the new Oxford Covid vaccine, how quickly can the workforce look to returning to the normal office set up?

Return to the Office

A new survey from HR software provider CIPHR assessed attitudes amongst UK HR professionals regarding their thoughts on the future of the office, in light of the newest vaccine. The topic of working from home has divided many over the last year with some enjoying the benefits of flexibility, reduced social pressures and no commute. However, some are gagging to get back to the office as many struggle to separate their work-life balance or juggle many distractions. As such, it raises the question of whether we will be returning to normal office life any time soon.

Remote Working as the New Norm

The results of the study report what has been widely reported: that remote working may be the new normal for the majority of people. According to the study, only 5% said they expected to return to the old ways of working. Over half (58%) expect a large and permanent increase in remote working.

Flexible Work Style

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown that it is possible for many people to work from home. Now, a survey of UK HR professionals by the HR software provider CIPHR, suggests that remote working is here to stay, regardless of any future vaccine. According to the survey of UK-based HR leaders, only 5% said they expected to go back to old ways of working, while 58% of respondents expect a large and permanent increase in remote working. A further 1 in 3 (36%) said they expect a small increase in remote working, while 1% said they don’t expect to ever go back to the office.

Staying Connected

Claire Williams, director of people and services at CIPHR, says: “The shift to remote working was a shock to many organisations, especially if they were relying on manual processes to manage their workforce. In the second half of 2020, CIPHR has seen a surge of interest in the CIPHR Connect HCM platform as HR leaders outline their people management requirements to support remote work. With most HR professionals expecting the increase in remote working to remain post-pandemic, organisations need to be equipped with integrated systems and processes that enable them to attract, engage and manage their people outside of the office.