Awards to Celebrate African Tech Entrepreneurs is Launched in London

Africa is the home of many talented women, and the Women 4 Africa awards aims to celebrate the tenacious, talented women from all over the continent.

The awards are now in their 10th year, and the event brings Africans from all over the world to celebrate in London.  This years event is being held in the prestigious area of St Pauls, London and the tickets are already sold out.

Women4Africa was created by serial entrepreneurs and husband and wife duo, Sam and Tola Onigbanjo after they noticed that despite Africa being a continent on its own there was no specific platform honouring its women

“At the heart of Inspiration for men and boys is  mother, grandmother, wife, partner, sister , daughter  or friend this platform is dedicated to celebration them all,” says Sam.

This year’s categories include:

  • Women in Education
  • Fashion Designer of the Year
  • Humanitarian of the year
  • Young achiever of the year

African women are change makers, but their influence is often under-valued and under recognised.  This can make them want to shrink, but the awards are designed to help them shine, and the organisers were deliberate in their inclusion strategy, ensuring that all age ranges are represented.

Isolation, loneliness, Inferiority complex (Gender and race) and lack of confidence, African Women and girls in the UK and Globally suffer massive bouts of Isolation and identity crisis.  Being labelled ethnic minorities and needy further Unintentionally worsens the dilemma, as African women and girls perceived themselves as 4th class citizens/residents. With little belief in Global vision or leadership aspirations.  The Gender Inequality was intangible in the wider UK society but within small ethnic pockets was enforced as leadership was seen as rebellion and waywardness.

With less African females being showcased as leaders and less rising stars (youths) being supported the inequality remained largely unchallenged and the African woman was perceived as the least.

The awards themselves have received many commendations.  The Commonwealth Secretariat has said that the awards are the largest celebration of African Women in the Commonwealth.  The National Diversity Awards have given them a nod too.

This year’s events are in association with brand South Africa, and the awards will be making a substantial donation to a number of different charities throughout the year as part of their philanthropic mission.  Philanthropy and giving back is close to their heart and part of the wider, cross continent strategy.