Worcestershire based DataLegacy launch innovative platform to protect customer data

  • DataLegacy keep your digital legacy safe and secure even after you die until released to your nominated individual.
  • Its first customer joined the platform on launch day.

Betaden’s Cohort 2.0 member, DataLegacy have launched their secure data storage and release platform within the first two weeks of joining. DataLegacy originally launched in February 2019 with the aim of protecting its customers’ digital legacy. In September 2019, it was chosen by Betaden, a tech accelerator in Malvern Hills Science Park to join Cohort 2.0, along with seven other SMEs that have also developed next-generation technology. Within the first two weeks of being part of the Cohort 2.0 programme, DataLegacy not only launched its MVP, but got its first customer to join the platform on the very same day.

DataLegacy provides a unique service, allowing every person on Earth, to store their most important credentials so that their accounts can be accessed when they pass away. Founded by Matt Johnson, Tom O’Connor and Dan Patridge, DataLegacy’s platform has been designed using military-grade encryption to harness all data within it. This ensures that customers’ data is stored and secured until released to the customer’s nominated individual, of which they appoint when becoming a member.

DataLegacy’s founders saw a gap in the market for a platform that allows your loved ones to access your data. Whether this is on your mobile, laptop or other electronic device, your memories won’t be lost forever when you are gone. With our entire lives being stored on our mobile devices, containing treasured memories in the format of images, videos and even messages, DataLegacy’s platform is a necessity in this day and age.

Matt Johnson, Founder and Director of DataLegacy said: “We are glad to have been chosen to join Cohort 2.0, alongside the seven other SMEs. Within the short space of time we have been part of the Cohort, we have already launched our MVP, and got our first customer, so we’re excited to see how far we can grow and develop over the full nine-month programme.”

Betaden’s Cohort 2.0 is a nine-month programme, offering DataLegacy intensive support and guidance to help design and build on its commercial ideas, as well as assisting them to be positioned for future investment. The unique package includes DataLegacy receiving its own office space at Betaden’s headquarters in Malvern Hills Science Park, in addition to investment coaching, marketing funding, business mentors and proof of concept grant funding.

Linda Smith, Founder and CEO of Betaden said: “We are thrilled to see DataLegacy’s first customer join within the first two weeks of Cohort 2.0 commencing. This is exactly what the Cohort programme is about, helping our members bring their ideas to a commercial reality. We’re off to a great start.”