Accelerating Worcestershire’s best tech SME’s and start-ups


Worcestershire was recognised as one of the UK’s best locations for starting up new businesses in 2018. It now has one of the fastest growing economies in the country, with 7,804 businesses formed last year alone. 

This has seen a first-of-its-kind tech accelerator created in the region: BetaDen. Based in Malvern Hills Science Park, it launched its first Cohort programme in October last year, having six entrepreneurs in residence developing a range of next-generation technology solutions. Its second Cohort programme started this month (first week of September). Here’s a guide to BetaDen’s new founders leading the way as the next generation tech companies in Worcestershire. 

Voice Biometrics:


Based on over 30 years’ experience developing, implementing and deploying voice biometrics and speech recognition into a wide range of markets and applications; Voice Biometrics Ltd is uniquely placed to accelerate the adoption of these technologies to meet increasingly stringent regulations for secure online customer service delivery.

Impact Aerial:


Impact Aerial is a drone services solution provider based in Worcestershire, providing photographic, videographic and sensor-driven content, enhanced by machine learning, for clients all over the world. From capture, processing and storing data collected from drone flight operations, Impact Aerial turns this data into actionable information to drive better business decisions for customers.

Hero Skin:


Hero Skin is the next-generation of protective body armour for extreme and contact sports, designed by mountain bikers and leading researchers. Its products address the unmet demand for comfortable, yet protective body armour. It has developed a new technology based on a unique pattern that follows human anatomy and a multi-layer, flexible impact absorbing structure. Its specialised technology offers flexibility, breathability and freedom of movement while providing exceptional protection that is activated upon impact. The combination of materials, design and manufacturing methods will look to set Hero Skin ahead of its competitors, offering a solution that has not been thought of before. 



Cydon Ltd. is a cyber security company aiming to provide organisations the confidence to share their data in a secure and regulated manner across different organisational boundaries and supply chain. 71% of companies feel they do not effectively share data across Business units and 75% companies have expressed concerns about data security over their supply chain. Collecting and sharing data between different departments, offices and across the supply chain is becoming a growing global problem. Cydon has developed a distributed ledger technology-based software solution, enabling secure and fast data sharing and immutable audit trails of all data transactions. It uses sophisticated algorithms for authenticating users and verification of data integrity and location. 

Data Legacy:


DataLegacy provides a service to allow every person on earth, to store their most important credentials so that their online accounts, photos and other important items, can be accessed when they pass away.

The product is built as secure from the ground up because the team draws on their extensive background in networking and cybersecurity we can ensure that all customers’ data is protected throughout its life in the application. 

Green Gorilla Apps:


Altruist is an employee transformation program that improves the wellbeing and mental health of employees through increased altruistic physical activity. Developed by Green Gorilla Apps, Altruist combines existing smart devices and wearable technology with charitable acts, providing easy adoption and long-term motivation to ‘train for good. 



Utelize specialises in delivering managed mobile service that help larger organisations to address the complex challenges of managing mobile connectivity, devices and security for smartphones, tablets and other connected devices and machines. 

Working as part of the BetaDen Cohort 2, Utelize is integrating a range of innovative mobile data services and technologies that combine increased levels of security, real time data analytics and high speed 4G and 5G mobile connectivity, to create a high-performance and private mobile networking for businesses. 

Wearable Link:


Wearable Link is a technology company specialising in the design, development & customisation of connected wearables. Wearable Link uses a blend of standardised and proprietary technologies to ensure robust connectivity of up to six miles in the most challenging environments. Connected wearables can be adapted to suit a range of applications. It is currently working with industry leaders to improve safety, productivity and compliance on U.K. construction sites.