You Can Now Buy A Website Domain For 100 Years For £30,000

With a 20-year history in website creation and hosting, WordPress has recently launched a new 100-year domain registration plan. Costing a one-time payment of £30 000, this option is aimed at those who want to secure their digital history for an extended period.

What’s Included in the Price Tag?

So, what exactly do you get for this price? WordPress ensures that your digital assets will be securely stored with automatic backup to multiple servers, including the Internet Archive. Advanced tools for domain ownership and hosting are also part of the package, along with 24/7 customer support.

Another benefit that might interest families is the option to pass the domain ownership to a child or someone else. This could make it a real multi-generational plan. Companies aiming to document their history could also find this useful.

Questions About Long-Term Viability

Despite the perks, people still question the viability of such a long-term plan, especially considering the rapid changes in the internet and computing world. WordPress has not clarified how it will keep the domains and backups updated in this ever-changing online environment.

There’s also the matter of what happens to the domains if the program gets terminated or if WordPress itself ceases to operate.

The Changing Nature of the Web

Critics echo such issues, pointing out the significant transformation in the web and our use of it since the public availability of domains in 1986.

Could we really foresee the internet a hundred years from now? And with WordPress only being around for two decades, it’s a fair question to ask if they can truly offer such a long-term commitment.


WordPress’s Ongoing Adaptation

In recent months, WordPress has acquired an ActivityPub plug-in to help blogs integrate with the Fediverse. They’ve also launched a writing assistant based on artificial intelligence and rolled out a paid newsletter service. With these steps, WordPress aims to stay relevant in a dynamic digital world.

The Investment and Stakeholders

Given that WordPress powers around 43% of all websites, you can’t ignore their influence. Still, their decision to offer a 100-year domain registration does raise questions.

While WordPress indicates that they designed the plan for families, company founders, and basically anyone with £30k to spare, we must remember that £30 000 represents a considerable investment.

Concerns Over Performance and SecurityA Controversial Conversation Starter

WordPress’s 100-year plan surely grabs attention, attracting and inviting skepticism simultaneously. Whether it serves as a model for digital preservation or becomes a costly experiment remains to be seen.

For now, it’s a talking point and one that will likely spark debate among those interested in the long-term preservation of their digital lives.