Workplace Mental Wellbeing Platform Plumm Launches in Slack

Personalised mental wellbeing support for employees is now available to organisations using Slack, following the integration of Plumm’s services into the messaging platform’s app directory.

In line with Plumm’s mission to make mental wellbeing services accessible to all employees, the app’s integration with Slack, which has over 10 million daily users, makes it easy for them to access the mental wellbeing support they need, when they need it.

Plumm’s app includes one-to-one chat and video therapy with accredited therapists, online mental wellbeing courses, guided meditations, and more. Plumm is one of the only mental health providers to offer a dark theme for all its apps and services, meaning users with low vision and sensitivity to bright light can enjoy a better visibility experience.

As the number of companies adopting remote and hybrid working models continues to rise, millions of employees rely on tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams to communicate and collaborate with teammates effectively.



With employees spending so much time online and often being isolated from their colleagues, the ability to access preventative and interventive mental wellbeing services at the click of a button, wherever they are, has never been so important.

Asim Amin, Founder and CEO of Plumm, says: “For the organisations we partner with, Plumm provides an easily accessible, secure, and supportive platform for employees, enabling them to become happier, healthier and more productive. With new exciting projects in the works, Plumm’s mission is to be the go-to mental wellbeing platform, helping businesses take good care of their most important asset, their people.”

Ramiz Khan, CTO of Plumm, adds: “Our team shares the vision that mental wellbeing services should be easily accessible to employees across the world and from any background or culture. As our app evolves, we will be able to take our vision to new heights, introducing new projects and growing our platform to reach more businesses globally.”

The app is also available on Microsoft Teams and is coming to Android and iOS devices soon. Founded in 2018, Plumm has onboarded over 150 accredited therapists and specialised coaches, delivered over 10,000 one-to-one video sessions, supported over 20,000 employees, and partnered with over 100 organisations.

Plumm collaborates with global clients, such as Ubisoft, Aldi, Wickes, DHL and Itsu, and with a plethora of exciting projects underway, Plumm will continue to expand its platform to new businesses, integrating into new apps and offering long-term, sustainable mental wellbeing solutions.