‘Blau’ Is Born, the World’s First Carbon Neutral Beer Using Blue Removal Technology

  • A collaboration between Garage Beer Co, Vaayu and Seareg Project sees total emissions generated by the production of ‘Blau’ compensated for through local community-led initiatives to protect and regenerate the Mediterranean sea. 

  • Garage is leveraging Vaayu’s proprietary data to accurately calculate the carbon footprint of Blau and fund future large scale blue sequestration projects. 

  • ‘Blau’ consolidates Garage’s founding commitment to sustainability by using the power and scale of the ocean to remove carbon.

Barcelona-based craft brewery, Garage Beer Co, is proud to present the world’s first carbon neutral beer using blue removal technology, with its latest edition can, ‘Blau’.

Using proprietary software, through its partnership with Vaayu, Garage has access to accurate, real-time data on the carbon footprint of ‘Blau’ across its operations, from ingredients such as hops and malt, to the energy needed for production and refrigeration as well as packaging and last mile delivery. The company will use this calculation to contribute funding to local projects dedicated to removing carbon from the Mediterranean, which has been absorbed over decades.

The production of ‘Blau’ is thanks to the combined vision of Garage, Vaayu and Seareg Project. Vaayu is the world’s first automated carbon-tracking software for retailers, built to empower businesses to reduce their footprint at scale by putting carbon at the forefront of decision making. It does this by integrating with point-of-sale systems and leveraging proprietary AI and machine learning technology to draw insights from production, sales and logistics, delivering an accurate, real time picture of carbon emissions. Vaayu’s technology has made it possible to calculate the carbon footprint emitted in the production of ‘Blau’, and through a special QR code featured on the can, customers also have the opportunity to see live emissions data and learn more about the collaboration with Seareg Project to fund blue carbon projects in the Mediterranean sea. The sale of each can will contribute 20 cents to blue carbon removal projects in the local area, and support the regeneration of biodiversity in the ocean.

‘Blau’ is produced at the Garage facilities in Sant Andreu (Barcelona). The company, which was founded in 2015, opened its first factory in 2017 where it annually produces around 120 varieties and 500,000 cans of beer. Starting out with a small production to service the local community, the growth experienced by the company in recent years has brought the environmental impact of the production front of mind for founders James Welsh and Alberto Zamborlín. For this reason, they wanted to find the most advanced and reliable technology available to accurately calculate emissions with the ambition to improve operations and create a more viable business model.

“Initially we were focused on producing the best flavors with our beers, but today the best beer can only be one that is crafted and produced sustainably. It is no longer possible to ignore the environmental impact of what we do,” says James Welsh, co-founder of Garage Beer. “There are many projects that offer compensation for emissions, but it is never clear where or how the resources are being allocated. Through Vaayu, and in the Seareg Project, we have found reliable partners that provide clarity on our carbon footprint and a tangible solution to give back to our community through blue carbon projects.”

Seareg Project undertakes critical work to monitor and improve biodiversity and sequester carbon within controlled areas of the Mediterranean sea. Once life is regenerated, it has the opportunity to flourish with evidence of exponential growth.

“Through our collaboration, Vaayu has helped Garage calculate its footprint and transparently provide customers with a carbon label for Blau,” says Namrata Sandhu, CEO and co-founder of Vaayu. “Based on Vaayu’s calculations, all of the carbon emissions from ‘Blau’ have been compensated with blue carbon, from production to the tap room, making it the first of its kind in the brewing industry.”

Ignasi Ferrer, head of the SeaReg project, explained “the importance of having partners such as Garage is that it allows a direct line with the consumer and the opportunity to inform on the vital work we are doing in ocean sequestration.”

The launch of ‘Blau’ is a significant step in the sustainability journey of Garage following its focus on growing the business locally, switching from an export market to developing its local audience in Barcelona which now accounts for 65% of all production. Garage is also moving away from plastic kegs, distributing spent grain to local farmers for animal feed and has recently fitted more environmentally efficient LED lights throughout the factory.

“Sustainability is the way forward and ‘Blau’ is only the first step in safeguarding the longevity of our business, and the ocean.”