Xayn and Planetly Partner for Carbon-Neutral Private Search

Xayn and Planetly partner to fight against data privacy issues and carbon emissions with their new, carbon-neutral private search.


New Collaboration Reduces Carbon Emissions


Xayn, the private search and discovery engine, has partnered with climate-tech startup Planetly to avoid, reduce and offset its carbon emissions. This partnership will make the privacy-protecting search browser carbon-neutral. Thanks to this collaboration, Xayn’s carbon footprint for 2020 has already been offset.


Fighting the Climate Crisis & Data Privacy Issues


The Berlin-based company believes data privacy and the climate crisis are the two greatest challenges facing humanity nowadays. The effort to minimise and compensate for its carbon emissions is part of Xayn’s larger-scale sustainability strategy. While developing its technology, Xayn maintained a number of sustainable company policies, such as a paperless office, a low-carbon supply chain, and a no-fly policy within Germany. The new partnership with Planetly now enables Xayn to do even more to reduce its environmental impact while pursuing its core mission of enabling users to search and discover the Internet without compromising their privacy.


“We started Xayn because we wanted to solve the problem of protecting digital privacy – what Apple’s Tim Cook called the biggest challenge of our time next to the climate crisis. It only makes sense that we now also focus on what we can do to protect the livelihood of humankind. We don’t want to be part of the problem, we want to be part of the solution,” states Felix Hahmann, Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer. “That is why Xayn focuses on avoiding, reducing, and offsetting our carbon emissions.”


Greenhouse Gas Protocol


Xayn’s partner Planetly conducts carbon emission audits according to the globally recognised Greenhouse Gas Protocol. Its calculations include direct as well as indirect emissions that companies incur through energy providers and suppliers. In cooperation with Planetly, Xayn is offsetting its carbon footprint by investing in the Borneo Rainforest project that protects over 64,000 hectares of peat-swamp forests and helps move local communities to sustainable farming practices.

“With their focus on online privacy, Xayn is tackling a very serious challenge of our modern times and I am very excited that we accompany them on their journey to net zero,” says Anna Alex, Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer at Planetly. “Xayn has already implemented different reductions measures in the past – with the transparency of knowing their carbon footprint, they can now strategically move forward.”