Yorkshire Based Mental Health App Launches Bespoke Men’s Series As 60% Remain Closed Off


‘Stigma must be tackled’ – Yorkshire based, NHS recommended FREE mental health app launches bespoke men’s mental health series as 60% remain closed off.

Leading Yorkshire born, free global mental health app My Possible Self, today announced the launch of a dedicated men’s mental health guided content series, designed in collaboration with the UK’s number one independent provider of mental healthcare The Priory Group, to combat the stigma around male mental health and to help men address and overcome mental health issues.

New research released just last October by men’s health charity Movember revealed a staggering near 60% of men never, or very rarely speak about how they’re feeling and their mental health, and the series is designed to encourage men to open-up and start discussing their mental health.

The over-arching theme to support men, to let them know they don’t have to suffer in silence, there is help and that there are steps that can be taken to better their mental health, the content series addresses and draws attention to societal pressures faced by men.

This includes a content strand which addresses ‘The pressure to be a perfect man’, discussing the unattainable social norms that exist and have been set for men today as a constant rock of emotional strength – never showing weakness.

In addition, the series brings together a collection of short stories from males who have lived with mental health issues titled ‘You are not alone’, again designed to support men who might be struggling in helping them recognise that other men do feel the same way but are valued and loved.



Further to these content strands, the series features a number of interactive tools and resources to help, from a quiz designed to help men better understand their symptoms, triggers and emotions, to resources which encourage the taking of simple steps to better your mental health.

This includes a questionnaire which acts to encourage users to ask themselves why they might not be opening up about how they’re feeling, and sections teaching men as to how they can start to put their thoughts into words, talking about their feelings and opening up to those they trust.

Coping strategies are also discussed and outlined for men to tap into, such as hobbies and activities that could act to grant space and peace of mind to those who might be struggling.

Founded by Joanne Wilkinson in 2009 and completely free, My Possible Self is endorsed on the NHS App Library, demonstrating it meets NHS technical, clinical and safety standards.

Initially offering a range of health and wellbeing services, Joanne was motivated to set up the business after seeking help from a therapist when she experienced emotional challenges as an adult. Reaping the benefits from therapy and transforming her life, My Possible Self has always been about democratising the advice and information she received to help others.

The new men’s mental health series comes at a time where an estimated 125 lives are being lost every week in the UK to suicide, 75% of which are men, it estimated that globally one man dies by suicide every minute.

Speaking on the launch of the new series, My Possible Self founder Joanne Wilkinson explains: “The stigma around men’s mental health and speaking out simply must be tackled.”

Joanne adds: “I hope we can help thousands of men towards better mental health. Regardless of whether you feel you are struggling or not, the tools within the app are designed to guide anyone to a place with greater happiness and a sense of peace.”

To find out more about the My Possible Self app, visit www.mypossibleself.com; My Possible is available to download today via the Apple App StoreGoogle Play and Good Thinking, the NHS-approved wellbeing service.