YouGov Safe: Redefining the Possibilities of Online Customer Data for Consumers and Clients

  • Fully opt-in, GDPR & CCPA compliant data marketplace, which places the power over personal data in the hands of the consumer

  • Takes customer profiling to the next level by seeing the reality of what consumers stream, search for and purchase online across devices and platforms

  • Combines observed online behaviours and transactions with attitudinal insights from YouGov’s flagship YouGov Profiles tool to provide three-dimensional consumer intelligence data

YouGov, the international research and data analytics group, has launched YouGov Safe – a fully opt-in, GDPR & CCPA compliant, ethical cross-device tracker and data marketplace.  YouGov Safe will provide media owners, brands and agencies with a transparent view of consumers’ verified online behaviours and transactions and reward consumers for choosing to share their data.

YouGov Safe is the latest innovative data enhancement to the YouGov platform – providing next-level customer profiling, by observing what the public is actually consuming and purchasing online, adding further depth to reported behaviour data the industry currently uses. This, combined with attitudinal insights from YouGov Profiles, provides truly connected 3D consumer intelligence data.

In keeping with YouGov’s ethos of providing value for individuals, YouGov Safe places the power over personal data directly in the hands of the consumer. YouGov Safe enables members to securely store data that companies, platforms and institutions hold on them, and then share it with selected third parties anonymously or on a case-by-case approval basis.  It forms a data marketplace for the user, empowering them to choose exactly what information is shared and with whom. Members receive points that count towards a cash payment every time they allow a new company to have an interaction with their data.

The first available output from the product is data from major international streaming platforms and services. Additionally, YouGov Safe can already provide online retail data and users’ browsing history. In the near future, this will expand to include banking, gaming and health data.

Because of the ethical and fully-permissioned way it has been designed, YouGov Safe means brands, media owners and agencies can get a more complete view of consumers in a number of ways:

  • Target based on browser history, banking data, actual shopping habits, ‘micro-influencer’ status and more

  • Conduct unrivalled seed marketing at a granular level

  • Get visibility on the marketing-to-purchase funnel, understanding marketing ROI based on verified purchases

  • Target and re-contact individual members with 1:1 panel access

  • Strategise and innovate with competitor research on a product level

  • Access global cross-platform streaming viewership and shopping data to compare and contrast habits

  • Find optimal sponsorship deals based on purchase journeys, such as matching brands with influencers, studios with products

  • Access social media user behavioural data to target fans of particular pages, followers of celebrities/brands based on engagements

  • Create audience segments of verified subscribers, survey watchers/listeners of specific shows to compare and contrast viewership across platforms and markets

Hamish Brocklebank, Head of YouGov Safe comments: “For too long, consumers, brands, agencies and media owners have been let down by online behavioural and transaction data. YouGov Safe changes the game for everyone. For consumers, it is the opportunity to have the power over their personal data – deciding what to share, doing it in a secure way and getting value for it. For clients, YouGov Safe takes customer profiling to another level – understanding their audience’s full journey across devices – whether it is streaming, gaming, shopping, or other online activity – and connecting it to YouGov’s rich attitudinal data. YouGov Safe redefines the possibilities of connected customer data for both consumers and clients.”