New Milestone in Telemedicine: ZAVA and DasLab Offer Reimbursable At-home Diagnostics

DasLab, Europe’s first digital interoperability platform for medical diagnostics, and ZAVA, a leading provider of telemedicine services in Germany and Europe, announce their partnership. Together they enable universal access to high-quality medical diagnostics and clincial consultations.

Initially Zava will use DasLab’s self-sampled test kits, logistics service, and network of connected laboratories, to offer patients simple testing for Sexually Trasmitted Infections (STI). Also noteworthy, for the first time, the kits will be fully reimburseable under private insurance in Germany.

Patients will be able to test for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and 9 other types of sexual infection. STIs were selected as the first focus area because they often go undetected for too long due to the reluctance of patients to seek diagnosis and treatment. Telemedicine and self-sampled diagnostics are therefore ideal, because of their innate convenience and confidentiality. From autumn, the spectrum of medical tests will be expanded to metabolic diseases, nutrient deficiencies, and men’s and women’s health.

The elegant design of the test kits and the fully digital patient experience are expected to increase test adherence and so improve health outcomes. Patients are able to see their test results and reimbursement information in Zava’s secure patient portal. Patients can also request a follow-up consultation with a Zava doctor.



Dr. Daniel Fallscheer, CEO and Co-Founder DasLab:Together with ZAVA, we simplify and enable access to high quality medical tests for patients. Improving access to medical diagnsotics leads to more informed medical decisions and to better medical outcomes for patients. We are proud of this partnership and look forward to helping shape the future of healthcare together with ZAVA.”


Dr. Claudia Linke, Managing Director ZAVA Germany: “We are happy that ZAVA and DasLab are shaping the healthcare system as telemedicine pioneers in the long term and that we are enabling patients to take the
first completely digital patient journey – from the first suspicion of illness to digital diagnosis. This brings us closer to an efficient healthcare system, thus patients are happier and receive the best medical treatment.” 70% of all medical decisions are based on laboratory results (Quest Diagnostics 2021). But medical diagnostics is still a fragmented landscape with often slow, analog processes, and outdated data standards. ZAVA and DasLab combine telemedicine with medical diagnostics and create a digital and holistic patient journey. We accompany patients safely and efficiently from the first suspicion of illness to digital treatment, if necessary.


This is how it works:

1. Patients complete a medical questionnaire, then an ZAVA physician decides if a medical test is necessary.
2. Patients receive the at-home test kit by courier.
3. Patients send their samples in pre-paid return boxes to one of DasLab’s certified partner laboratories in Germany.
4. DasLab securely transmits the laboratory results via API to ZAVA doctors for further evaluation.
5. Patients can see the test results and doctor’s recommendations in the ZAVA patient portal. If necessary, patients can proceed with appropriate treatment by the ZAVA medical team.
6. The results are securely and digitally documented in the electronic patient file in the protected ZAVA account. Patients can submit the costs for the laboratory analysis to their private health insurance company for reimbursement.
7. As usual, ZAVA patients also benefit from digital prescriptions, which can be redeemed at a mail-order pharmacy or one of the 6,500 cooperating local pharmacies.



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