UK online doctor service Zava contributes to national coronavirus testing effort with affordable service for businesses

  • CQC-regulated online doctor launches service as part of national efforts to boost testing capacity

  • The laboratory test is approved by Public Health England and is 98% effective at detecting the virus

  • Designed to provide businesses with affordable testing for workers

  • The service costs £135 with a 40% discount for key workers to enable them to return to the frontlines as soon as possible

UK online doctor Zava has today launched its coronavirus service, designed to provide businesses of all sizes with an affordable test for workers who are currently self-isolating with potential symptoms.

The service includes a home sampling kit and lab test which is approved by Public Health England (PHE) and is the same type of test that is currently being used by the NHS. It is 98% effective at detecting the virus, with results reviewed by Zava’s GMC-registered doctors and available in two to three days or less.

The test looks at the DNA within cells to detect the presence of viral RNA in a laboratory to tell whether patients currently have the virus or not. A negative test result means that patients can stop self-isolating, so it’s especially important for key workers and those who have an essential work role.

The service is priced at £135 – making it one of the most affordable offerings on the market – and Zava is offering a 40% discount for key workers as part of the national effort to enable people to get back to work sooner.

Dr Babak Ashrafi, Clinical Lead for Service Expansion at Zava said: 

“This service comes as part of a huge national effort to provide testing for everyone who needs it, which is key to preventing the further spread of COVID-19, saving lives, and enabling vital services to keep going.

“Zava’s new service has the capacity to carry out several thousand tests per day, and our digital platform facilitates the provision of a safe and clinically approved test service.

“The service is fully remote – assessments and ongoing support take place without the need for any physical interaction between doctors and patients – removing the possibility of spreading the disease.”

Zava is also currently actively exploring ways to support the government’s own free testing service, as part of a commitment to contributing to the national effort in tackling COVID-19.

How does Zava’s coronavirus service work?

The service uses a ‘polymerase chain reaction’ (PCR) test that is sent to you in the post. Using a swab, you take samples of your cells from the back of your throat and nose. You then send this sample to our UK-based laboratory for testing. Patients using the service can contact a Zava doctor with any questions or concerns throughout the process. The results will be available around two days later and a Zava doctor will then contact you to give advice and support on what to do next.

The test does not test for antibodies, or whether or not you have had the virus in the past.

To contribute to national testing efforts and figures Zava’s partner laboratory will contact PHE about the result. Zava doctors will contact the patients’ local health protection agency and their GP.

For more information visit Zava’s coronavirus service page