Zeux Launches 5% Interest Savings Alternative Option

Zeux, a UK financial institution has launched a safe, Easy Access Money Pot mobile solution which gives app users 5% interest AER. (This is up to 25 times higher than some high street banks saving interest rates). The Easy Access Money Pot – your savings account alternative – is guaranteed by two financial institutions, Zeux Ltd and Wecash. The way Zeux has set up its savings-like account is widespread and popular across Asian countries, and works in a similar way to Alipay’s “Yu’e Bao”.

Zeux is authorised and regulated by the FCA. It is the first all-in-one money management fintech app to bring together payment functionality, zero fee foreign exchange, investment and savings options (with market-leading rates), in one smartphone experience.

The fintech world has opened up many different players that specialise in delivering a better user experience across one or more areas of consumer finance.  Harder to find are the single entry mobile platform options where consumers get full visibility of payments, high interest savings and investment options and the ability to pay anywhere using a cryptocurrency wallet, all in one mobile experience.

Consumers no longer have to make-do with the minimal interest rates that most high street banks are offering. They also do not need to settle on the time-consuming and convoluted process of trying to view and monitor all their money options, whether it’s payments, savings or investments through multiple different apps.

Zeux offers users payment functionality, along with the ability to track transactions and monitor savings and investment options seamlessly, while also ensuring that they are achieving some of the highest returns on their money. The brainchild of technology entrepreneur and former investment banker Frank Zhou, Zeux, has a vision to democratise finance and make the complex and expensive financial management processes easy and accessible to all.

For the user, the Zeux mobile experience offers attractive ways to increase savings and investment returns, while alleviating the need to switch between multiple providers to check the status of finances.

Key Benefits for Users:

  • No fees for account opening, money transfers, foreign exchange or investment commissions.
  • Enables mobile contactless card payments (allowing purchases over the £30 per transaction capped limit)
  • 5% annual interest rate for the Easy Access Money Pot
  • Track your daily and monthly spending and itemised transaction history
  • Bitcoin, Ethereum including 10 other cryptocurrency payments enabled to ANY high street retailer that accepts contactless mobile payments (ApplePay and Samsung Pay)

CEO and founder, Frank Zhou said: “Savings rates for UK consumers are shockingly low, in comparison to other regions in the world. Technology has made it possible to open up the borders, enabling the creation of new and better performing financial options that bring higher interest rates and better yields to the UK market.

“However, Zeux isn’t just about delivering better returns for people wanting to save and invest. Recent Fintech innovations have done a great job at re-engaging consumers with their finances through their smartphones. But this has thrown up different obstacles, in terms of creating a more efficient and seamless user experience. Consumers are now in a position where their finances are spread over multiple specialist apps and the overall visibility across savings, payment transactions, cryptocurrency wallets and investments has been unwieldy to manage. Zeux creates a friction-less experience, without compromise for its users, empowering them to better manage their finances.”