20 SEO Tools to Consider in 2018

After launching your great looking, responsive and easy to navigate website, you need to introduce crowd pulling content. As a blogger or online professional, there is no shortcut to success. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the essential features that will drive your online and blogging success. It is therefore very important to ensure that you are backed up and supported by some of the finest SEO tools on the market.
Majestic SEO
An advanced tool such as Majestic SEO assists you to identify link quality, intelligence and critical domain based reporting. You have a variety of tools within majestic to assist you with keyword checking, comparison and keyword hinting. You can opt for a paid or free subscription for your blog.
SEOquake works well on all browsers. You can use it to read into metrics that help you position your blog for better rankings. You can leverage page rank, backlink and Google indexing metrics. It’s ideal when you want fully fledged page report for any site on your radar.
Open Site Explorer
Open Site Explorer lets you evaluate backlinks on your blog and those on the competitor’s blog. You can preview domain and page authority ranks. The free version will offer up to 200 backlink or Rank tracker pro reports.
BrowSEO lets you preview a website like a search engine; you can assess your blogs SEO easily without going technical. It can work for Android and iOS meaning you can preview your blogs on the go.  It’s ideal for small scale bloggers who want to make a name.
You cannot simply launch your blog if you don’t have WordPress. It’s a leading Content Management System that is easy to launch and monetize. It comes with an inbuilt content editor, templates and plugins that favour non-tech persons.
Yoast SEO Plug-in
It’s SEO that gets traffic to your blog. Yoast plugin will prepare your blog for visibility purposes. It keeps track of algorithm changes to position your blog for better optimisation.
This blogging tool favours bloggers or companies that release volumes of blog posts. It helps streamline workflow and is ideal for content scheduling. It’s the best project management tool a blogger can have.
Sprout Social
This social media management tool works to grow your stunning blog content SEO-wise. It schedules all posts that go through social media. Such automation frees time that you would spend doing it manually on several platforms.
Google Analytics
Google Analytics is the ideal content tracking tool where your blog’s performance is concerned. It can be complicated but there are features that favour beginners. This tool provides metrics about your audience, traffic and what readers are doing on your site.
KWFinder is an amazing tool for keyword research. KWFinder costs from $30USD/month and up, but you can use the tool for 5 free lookups every day.
CoSchedule Headline Analyzer
This free version 5tool lets you to optimize blog post headlines. It evaluates every headline using the headline analyser feature. Use it to assess headlines base on word balance, keyword, length or emotional value.
Google Pagespeed Tool
If your blog has issues pertaining to loading speed, this tool will assist. Slow loading pages will cost you, but this tool will assess your speed on the CPC and mobile devices. Is ideal if you want the site loading under 3 seconds
SEO Powersuite
This tool acts as a Website Auditor and helps you to optimize where and when necessary. It plays the role of a rank tracker that shows you what and why the completion is doing better than you for keywords.
Serpstat promotes your site with effective URL analysis. You get to know what page ranks high and with what set of keywords. The tool works for pages with URLs and keywords that mimic a page plus your competitor’s profile.
Use this tool to make your blog SEO friendly. For the 7 day trail season, you can use it to get instant site reviews. It offers an in-depth overview of your blog’s usability, responsiveness and link opportunities. It’s ideal for monitoring SEO rankings
This collection of free SEO tools will assist you in analysing metrics, promote new post and link you up with influencers. Use the pack to monitor traffic, find brand mentions and optimise updates on social media.
This all-in-one SEO tools pack lets you see where you blog ranks for given keywords. It offers 3 functionalities including Keyword rank checking, Google location changer and the Keyword research database capability
SEO Analyzer
It offers following practical SEO Analysis to fix SEO errors that drag your blog rankings down. Use the step by step guide if you have no technical skill. You can use the tool to produce viral content.
SEO Site Check-up
It ranks as a top all in one free for use SEO tool pack. This tool will perform checks on speed optimization, check SEO issue, compression, URL friendliness, mobile savviness and overall UX experience.
Rank Checker
Rank checker tells you where your blog shows up in a SERP procedure. It gives tips on how to improve that ranking. Once installed, you can keep checking where your blog ranks with time.