3 Benefits Of Using Explosion Proof Digital Cameras in Hazardous Environments

Explosion proof cameras, as the name suggests, are cameras made with heavy-duty housing and enclosures to protect from damage. This is mostly in high-risk environments with flammable materials of all forms.

These cameras are ATEX (ATmosphere EXplosible), which means that they have passed the European Directives for explosion-proof equipment. So, what are the benefits of using these cameras in the 21st century?


1. Enhanced Remote Monitoring


Unlike traditional cameras, the explosion proof digital counterparts allow operators to check the video from anywhere across the globe. They only need to have authorised computers, and they can monitor the systems and environments as required. It is vital in high-risk environments as technicians can know when something goes wrong and send maintenance personnel in there.

Additionally, since the monitoring is real-time, the maintenance team does not spend a lot of time in the area scanning for issues. They already know where to check and correct, thus minimising downtime. All the information is accurate, and this translates into accurate assessments.


2. High-Quality Video Analysis for Security


Apart from remote monitoring, the explosion proof digital cameras come with enhanced built-in video analytics systems. They can analyse sensor and video input to detect uncommon activities and anomalies in high-risk environments. With motion analytics, the operators can know who accesses or leaves the designated areas and whatever they do in there.

In case of a threat, the team can quickly apprehend the persons involved, thus enhancing security. Since the areas are vulnerable to fires, most of the explosion proof digital cameras come with smoke detectors. The best thing is that they do not have to come into contact with the smoke for detection. With this information relayed to the operators, they can mitigate the risks before the premises blow up. You can find these cameras with enhanced features at Armadex.


3. Improved Integration with Other Systems


At this time and age, when saving time and resources is of the essence, it helps to have your systems integrated. Lucky for you, the Atex camera solutions come with an excellent level of seamless integration. You can integrate them with the sensors, access control, and alarm systems as needed in the high-risk environment.

While all the systems in the integrated system work together, each of them fulfils a particular need. For instance, the audio system captures all the sounds, while the sensors help in detecting anomalies. If there is any issue with your environment, you can see it from your ATEX camera, listen to the audio, and get more details from the sensors. With the integration, you do not need to check each system independently; it saves you the hassle, time, and resources.




As you can see, explosion proof digital cameras come in handy in the monitoring of hazardous areas. Usually, these areas are spaces where people spend the least time. However, it is vital to have them fully surveyed in the event of emergencies or explosions. Due to their versatility and sturdiness, explosion proof digital cameras are crucial in enhancing security from a distance. Just make sure you get the right ATEX digital camera to reap all the benefits!