5 Benefits Of Using An eSIM When Travelling Internationally

These days, many parts of our lives have moved online. One of the most important things that still needs to be done physically is traveling. Yet, no vacation can be imagined without access to mobile data and the internet in general.

When traveling broad and far from home one needs to have access to unlimited data be it for contacting friends or relatives, for using Google Maps, or for sharing photos on social media networks.

These are the moments when devices such as eSIMs with a premium eSIM plan with unlimited data become useful. If you still haven’t started using one, we’re here to change your mind.

After reading these 5 benefits of using eSIM for international you’ll become a user of one without a doubt. Let’s see the 5 benefits that we deem as absolutely vital for anyone’s change of perception on eSIMs.


eSIM is Cheaper Than Data Roaming And Offers A Better Data Connection


Your local cellular network is going to offer you a mobile data roaming package for any travel abroad. Many of us decide to enable data roaming and activate data roaming when traveling. What worries us all are the data roaming charges.

What this means is that you can turn data roaming when in a different country and you’ll be able to use your internet data and have stable data access through your international data plan.

Also, many providers offer prepaid cellular data plans and stable internet connection for people who plan a trip abroad. None of these options, not even the best roaming international data plan, beat eSIM and its data plans in terms of affordability. If you’re traveling to the Old Continent many Europe eSIM plans are a good option.

Yes, mobile data plans through your mobile provider might be the easiest way but it’s by no means a cheaper option than an eSIM data plan. Buying more than one or two gigabytes of data can easily cost $10 or more.


More Convenient Than A Physical SIM Card


The majority of us turned to buying local SIM cards and a local phone number when traveling abroad for data plans. Local SIM cards and a local phone number for cellular data option are cheaper than roaming but still not very convenient one.

Why? Well, first you need to locate a local SIM card vendor to buy prepaid eSIM data plans. After buying one, you need to physically install it into your phone. If you don’t have two SIM card slots, one for prepaid eSIM and another for your own card, you need to pull your card out and replace it with a new card.

After the physical recommended installation process, you need to set up the new card too which can be a hustle depending on the country you’re visiting. None of this is an issue with any of the prepaid eSIM plans.

With the best eSIM, none of these issues exist. The local data plan can be installed directly from your phone which is much better than finding local vendors to buy data plans and always worry about data usage. All it takes are a few clicks in the eSIM card settings options. You can receive instructions from the provider and their support team.

With today’s tech, you can even attain it through a QR Code.



Pure Flexibility And Unlimited Data


If you want to discuss one of the best and biggest advantages of eSIMs and their data plan and data usage options over a local number then we’re talking about flexibility. Can it get better than being able to toggle between your regular SIM and eSIM card?

Also, it is possible to have more than one eSIM on your phone making things even more interesting in terms of flexibility.

The best part is that you do not have to remove your standard SIM from the phone and that the plan on your eSIM can be updated at any given time.

When you’re traveling between countries none of which is your home country this flexibility can prove to be a real game changer for all mobile users. If you’re already on the hunt for a good eSIM option with more data you should check here for more info as you’ll find a good example of an eSIM provider such as Holafly Europe who even offers unlimited calls as one of their benefits.


Multi-Country eSIMs Option For Stable Internet Connection


This is where things get cool. Due to the rise in popularity of eSIMs, today you can buy one eSIM that can cover a certain region that includes multiple countries. One example like that is the Europe eSIM data plan. it can be activated when you send an SMS to the provider use recommend installing process regardless if you’re using a Samsung S23 or iPhone XS.

Some options are so vast that you can cover more than a dozen countries with one international eSIM. For people who travel a lot, and interchange between the countries frequently it’s a game changer as far as their mobile data connection is concerned. It’s certainly better than relying on a local network.

When you buy one of these cards you can cross borders without having to worry about changing your plan or having additional expenses while using unlimited data if that’s what one of your multi-country plans offers. Even the best local network can’t compare to this mobile plan.


No Unnecessary Waste


Digital innovations such as this one do wonders for waste reduction. When traveling abroad and buying a physical SIM card produces a lot of waste, especially considering that many of us discard the new SIM card once we’re home. none of it is found with Holafly Europe eSIM for example which is available in many European countries.

While one SIM card thrown away won’t make a difference many of us waste a few of them every year. Now multiply that with billions of people who travel each year.

Well, that’s a lot of waste when you see it like that, right? With eSIMs, we’re one step closer to sustainable tourism. A simple device’s settings can give you mobile data plans available for many European countries.

With a European eSIM, you will not only save the beautiful European countryside, but with an eSIM compatible device and personalised data plans you will receive more data and almost unlimited internet connection.




Even if an eSIM wasn’t on your schedule before reading this article it most definitely is now. The reasons we gave you are more enough to consider this novelty in the world of mobile data. Don’t turn your head to it but choose to stay connected to both new trends and to people around you who already use tech such as mobile hotspot, embedded SIM, and more data available through eSIM technology.

Millions of people use it already, and if you plan on traveling abroad and change countries, there’s no excuse for you not to become one of them. You can’t say no to additional data and an unlimited plan for an eSIM that even the best networks can’t provide through their physical SIM.

To top it all, eSIM is the most cost-effective option out there; eSIM cards are extremely easy to install and provide additional data without any hidden fees and are a convenient solution for all users who have a device compatible with an eSIM.