5 Common Complaints from Office Visitors

In this post, we will have a quick look at some of the most common reasons why people complain when they visit an office. To add, we will also give you some suggestions on how to resolve the issue to make sure that your office guests will end up with the highest level of satisfaction.

Waiting for a Long Time

Humans, by nature, are impatient. Therefore, visitors hate it when they have to spend a long time waiting in the lobby. This could be because the registration is done manually or the receptionist is inefficient in handling guest arrivals. A good remedy to this problem is to use a software for office visitor registration. With the latter, guests can pre-register before they arrive. It also makes the process quicker since things have to be done through the use of a software.

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Uncomfortable Temperature

A lot of visitors will also complain when it is too hot or too cold. Often, they come unprepared for the temperature in the office. For instance, they might not have a jacket because it is hot outside. When they are waiting in the lobby, if the A/C is on full-blast, they will most probably complain. A good way to solve the problem is to invest in automatic temperature controls to make sure of the ideal environment all the time.

Excessive Noise

Some offices are too noisy. While employees are having fun, they might not notice that they are already creating too much noise. This can be distracting to a client having a meeting in one of the conference rooms. An easy solution to this problem is to ask employees to be well-behaved and to limit personal conversations in the pantry and not in the workstations. To stop noise from ruining the workplace, it will also help to use materials that can absorb sound.

Lack of Hospitality

Guests can end up feeling alienated after visiting an office. For instance, they might be sitting in the lobby for hours and no one is minding their presence. Also, they might not feel welcomed when they are walking in the office corridors. With this, employees should be trained to smile more and be more accommodating when they see a guest.

Unavailability of the Contact Person

It can be frustrating to travel for hours and arrive at the office knowing that the person to be visited is unavailable. Often, the fault lies on the part of the visitor and not the management. A good way to prevent this is to call in advance to be sure that the person to be visited will be in the office during the exact time of arrival.

If you want to design an office that can create a positive impression from the first time visitors set foot, take note of the things mentioned above and make sure that these are not problems that your guests would be complaining about!