Betting on Politics? Yes, That’s Possible as Well

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Political betting has exploded in popularity in recent years, with monumental events such as the UK’s EU membership vote on Brexit in 2016 being one of the most consequential political occasions in decades.

When polling organisations, analysts, financial markets, and bookies on political betting websites attempted to guess the result of the Brexit referendum, it was generally believed that the stay side would prevail.

Indeed, even as the ballots were being tallied, exit polls indicated a loss for the left, and political betting odds on a leave win were quite valuable. How incorrect the experts were. The astute bettors who picked up on the genuine popular opinion would have earned some hefty gains.

As a consequence, various other political betting markets emerged as the United Kingdom’s government and opposition parties navigated the perilous ‘exit process.’ General elections, discussions, failed agreements, postponed departure dates, and multiple resignations of prominent political personalities all resulted in substantial movement and potential for astute bettors on UK politics betting picks.

Is Betting on Politics Legal in the US?

In most of the world, political betting is legal. Politics is one of the oldest wagers people have made. Election betting dates all the way back to the late nineteenth century and has never been more popular than it is right now.

Around the world, political betting has grown in popularity and is now provided by a sizable majority of bookmakers. However, in certain nations, such as the United States, betting on the next political candidate is prohibited.

No licensed sportsbook in the United States of America will allow wagers on a forthcoming election or any other political event. According to Basketball Insiders, in many states in America like Washington, political betting provision is not permitted under federal law unless using offshore online betting providers.

They are a solid alternative since there are no specific regulations or laws on betting online with providers regulated in offshore markets. A huge plethora of offshore websites are available throughout the internet, so looking for a list of recommended online bookmakers would guarantee the chances of finding a trusted and reputable offshore betting site in order to start betting on political events. Hence US sportsbooks will not provide these markets.

The Trump Election From the Betting Point of View

In 2016, Donald Trump’s extraordinary journey to prominence was seen. There were plenty of those who would have made good money betting on him to become president early in his ascent to political prominence, even if he ended up being the Republican Nominee for the election. In the days and weeks coming up to the elections, Trump was largely predicted to lose the presidential election, with odds on a Trump win as high as 3/1 (4.00), 4/1 (5.00), and 5/1 (6.00) still available.

Prices had been volatile in the months leading up to the election because of the controversies that engulfed both Trump and Clinton, the Democratic Party’s nominated candidates. Despite the odds, Donald Trump became the 45th president of the United States, becoming the oldest president to enter the office and the first without any previous governmental service. He lost the popular vote by a record 2.87 million (the largest ever for a victorious president), but he won the Electoral College by a margin of victory in the Rust Belt area.

Popular Political Betting Markets

A wide range of outright wagers are available in the US political betting markets, ranging from House of Representatives election outcomes through the Senate results. Despite the fact that sports tend to get all the attention when it comes to betting on a sportsbook, most bookmakers have a strong political selection. When it comes to political bets, there is a wide variety of possibilities that enable you to put your political knowledge to good use.

The most popular betting markets in British politics tend to revolve around the Prime Minister and the General Election. So, even if most people don’t have a lot of interest in politics on a daily basis, they will still be drawn to these events. It’s possible to look at the London mayoral election and other smaller seats as well as alternative political prop betting alongside these markets.

Wrapping Up

Political betting is now more accessible than ever before, and it’s a lot of fun, too. However, betting on who will be the next prime minister or who will be the next mayor of Seattle can be an exciting experience, particularly when the odds are close. Politics is not for everyone, especially when two individuals refuse to answer even the simplest of questions with a straight response.

Because of the importance of a sound approach when it comes to political betting, it’s imperative that you read widely to round out your background knowledge. That means you’re not solely consuming news and opinions from one political perspective, which might lead to information that’s skewed in your favour.

—TechRound does not recommend or endorse any betting or financial practices and all article content is purely informational—