Could Blockchain Gaming Be The Future?

There are many ways the blockchain and crypto are changing the world in which we live. As many people regularly use the internet for a wide range of things, including shopping, gaming, communication, and watching movies, the blockchain is going to have an impact as it overlaps into different industries. Gaming is a good example, and, on this page, we look ahead to how blockchain could be the future of the gaming industry.

Why Would Gamers Want to Use the Blockchain?

The way blockchain gaming is going to change the gaming industry and the reason why people would want to use it is linked. Many of the current video games, including some of the leading titles played competitively online, have an in-game currency. This could be in the form of coins, such as those used in the FIFA game series or some other type of virtual currency that can be used to purchase items in the game. The items available to buy usually help to complete the game sooner or they are cosmetic and add to the overall gaming experience.

However, the real-world value of the virtual currency and the items in the game are zero. You cannot withdraw coins from FIFA and use them to buy a real-world item as they do not have any value. Blockchain gaming would change that and give the virtual currencies and items used in a game a real-world value. Most gamers would jump at the chance to sell their gaming items or coins and use the funds in real life. That is why blockchain gaming would be popular and could be the future of the industry.

Crypto Casinos

Blockchain gaming already exists in some industries, with online casinos being a good example. New online casinos have been created with the blockchain in mind and it is possible to play all sorts of casino games using crypto. Online slots, table games, card games, and casino live games are all on offer at the top crypto casinos. The games can be played using crypto and the winnings withdrawn as crypto. The blockchain could be the way forward for the entire online casino gaming industry because regulators would have easy access to information on the blockchain which shows everything is fair.

New Game Modes

Gamers are always looking for new and exciting ways to play and blockchain gaming would present a variety of new game modes. For example, the blockchain would have a record showing the online habits of a player and this information could be used to generate targeted adverts. The ads are optional but if you choose to watch them you will be rewarded with tokens, and these can be used in the game. Another game mode could be Social to Earn, and this involves sending invites to new players and if they sign up and start playing, you earn tokens to spend in the game.

Another mode of gaming that could be introduced on the blockchain is the perpetual avatar. The character you used when completing one game can be transferred to the next instalment of the game without losing anything gained in the previous game. This differs to the current gaming model because if you switch from the first title in a series to the second title, your character starts again with nothing.

There are many reasons why the blockchain could be the future of the gaming industry, including in-game assets with real world value and new gaming modes.