Brighton is Moving into the iGaming Industry To Rival London

Brighton is currently home to around 20% of the UK games development force and is being hailed as the ideal hub for both the gaming and iGaming industries.

Software companies such as Electric Square are based here. This studio crafts high-end triple-A video games like the ones used in the professional eSports arena. They feel that Brighton has a positive future ahead and that it will become a major player in the gaming industry.


Why is The Gaming Industry in Brighton Beginning to Thrive?


Brighton is being hailed by many as a creative hub of awesomeness, particularly for the gaming industry, which is currently thriving.

The city is now home to several major game development studios, such as Electric Square, and many people who look to work in the gaming industry flock to Brighton. It’s also home to the ‘Develop’ gaming conference.

Universities in Brighton have also been highlighted as being more important than ever. They play a huge role in further industry development by hosting eSports competitions.

Huge investment is also currently being pumped into Brighton’s diverse gaming industry, which gives back to the local community in more ways than one.

It’s home to several stunning land-based casinos such as Genting Casino, Grosvenor Casinos Pier Nine Brighton, and Rendezvous Casino, and the iGaming scene in Brighton also boasts having some of the world’s best online casinos.

If you live in Brighton and you’re looking for a bonus at a UK casino, you won’t find any type of bonus at the land-based venues. Instead, you’ll find many different types of bonuses available at any fully licensed and regulated online casinos catering to the Brighton market.


What is Electric Square and What Triple-A Games Have They Produced?


Electric Square is a multi-award-winning game development studio and is a committed member of Inclusive Employers. They also won the ‘Best Places to Work’ award in 2019, 2020, and 2021.

The company launched in 2015 as the globally renowned Studio Gobo’s sibling studio and brought together some of the most notable veterans of the UK games industry. Their mission was to bring meaningful gaming experiences to the global community.

The company also went on to become a proud member of the Keywords Studios family in 2018. Electric Square has partnered with major software players such as 20th Century Games, Arcade, Blizzard Entertainment, Build a Rocket Boy, Electronic Arts, Mattel, Ubisoft, and Xbox Game Studios.

Some of Electric Square’s most notable collaborations have brought us numerous hit games, including the following genre-defining titles:

  • Diablo IV
  • Assassin’s Creed Nexus VR
  • Exoborne
  • Lords of the Fallen
  • EA Sports WRC
  • Everywhere

Others include Need for Speed Unbound, Battlefield 2042, Warped Kart Races, Detonation Racing, Forza Street, and Hot Wheels ID, to name a few. One or more of these games or some of their future releases could end up being used at competitive eSports tournaments held across the globe.


What is Develop?


The Develop conference helps bring the game dev community together; it is the only gaming conference in the United Kingdom with something for everyone.

It features ten tracks covering every major discipline of the game development process, including things like Indie BootCamp and free Roundtables.

Some of the other things to look forward to on the Develop programme this year, apart from the free Roundtables and Indie BootCamp, are Mobile, Keynote, Discoverability, Design, Art, Coding, Business, Audio, and Art.

The Develop gaming conference aims to give attendees the opportunity to level up in their chosen fields, and then in July, the same venue will host the Develop:Star Awards to honour the achievements and talents of individuals from the Brighton game development scene.

It’s exciting times for all those involved in the gaming industry in Brighton, and the future looks bright. Brighton and gaming have been described as being a natural fit for each other.

If you’re considering attending this year’s Develop conference, remember to plan your trip well in advance. Also, don’t forget that it’s a business-to-business event and is not open to anyone under the age of 18 unless accompanied by an adult.

To plan your trip, the best thing to do is visit the official Develop website, where you can find out more about the passes and prices, accommodation, code of conduct, and other important information.