Creating a Website for Your Startup: Six Steps to Success

When it comes to launching a startup company in the UK or elsewhere, there is so much to juggle and consider all at once. Obviously, you want the launch to go smoothly, capture the attention of your target market, and have your company make that instant mark in the industry. While those goals may seem lofty, the fact is that with careful planning, plenty of research, and all the right tools in place, the odds of the launch being successful are much higher.

One area you want to be sure gets enough attention is the creation of your company’s website. This should launch as you open the doors to your company, and unfortunately, when it comes to websites, there is no room for failure. People will expect a smooth and user-friendly experience right from the start, as they aren’t often willing to wait around while you “tweak” the site. So what can you do to ensure the website is a success right from the start? These tips are bound to help.

Set a Goal for Your Website

While you may think that the first step is to rush right into the design and feel of the site, in reality, the first step in the process should be to set a goal for your website. What is the purpose of the site?

Is it to educate people, is it to allow customers to connect with you in an easy manner, do you plan on offering bookings and quotes through the site?

Maybe it will actually be an e-commerce site, whatever your goal, now is the time to define it. There are all kinds of goals and purposes your website can have, so the more specific you are, the easier the design process will be.

Spend Time on the Specifics

Then there are the specifics such as your web host provider and your domain name. While these may not seem like big decisions, these two factors alone will greatly impact the overall success of your website. You obviously need a host that can accommodate your needs and the volume of traffic you expect to have, plus one that fits into your budget.

As for the domain name, picking something that is short, simple, makes clear what the business is, and is easy to spell is a recipe for success. Once you’ve picked a name you’re going to have to check to ensure it’s available, and then you can purchase the name. This is done through a domain registrar.

The Website Needs a Lot More Than Just a Home Page

If you figured you could just create a home page and call it a day, it’s time to think again. People expect a whole lot more from websites today, and they want to see a robust site that is well organised, easy to navigate, and contains all the key pieces of information.

Content Needs to Be Unique and Engaging

Then there is the content itself, which needs to be unique and engaging at all times. Not only that but it should be updated on a regular basis. This will not only help you with the Google search rankings, but it will also help to bring back visitors on a regular basis.

Consider a Soft Launch of the Website

You may also want to consider a soft launch of the website. This is basically a preview of your website to a select group of people. The goal is to get feedback from visitors that you can turn around and use to improve the website before it goes public. This can help point out areas of concern or problems that you hadn’t even thought of.

Bring on the Professionals

Now if all these tips just seem a bit too much, and you just don’t have the time and expertise to dedicate to the site, then really your best option is to bring in the professionals. As stated, your website visitors are expecting a positive experience from the get-go, and bringing in a company that specialises in website design will help make that a reality.

You can find more information about website design here, as this website design company provides clients with engaging, smooth, and user-friendly designs. Fat Media features specialists who can help with conversion rate optimisation, user-experience, how to bring your vision to life on the website, and plenty more. They have the skills and the know-how that you on your own just can’t rival. Hiring on professional website developers will, in turn, take a huge load of responsibility and work off your shoulders. Yes, it will cost money, but in most cases, this is money well spent.

The Kind of Website Your Business Deserves

By following these tips, and of course, considering the many benefits of using professional website designers, you’ll be creating the kind of website your new start-up deserves and truly needs in order to stand out from the competition and make a mark in the industry.