Crossword Cybersecurity Unveils Trillion HarVista

Trillion HarVista, the latest intelligence tool from Crossword Cybersecurity, enables enterprise security teams to gather insights from the dark web without exposure safely. It works by scraping forums, channels, and sites to index conversations and generate alerts based on keywords.

HarVista creates offline copies of these sources, strips harmful content, and stores data securely for analysis. This groundbreaking capability transforms previously hard-to-access dark web communications into actionable intelligence to empower proactive cyber defence.


Keeping Safely Ahead of the Threat Actors


Stuart Jubb, Group Managing Director from Crossword Cybersecurity Plc, said, “For the first time, Trillion HarVista gives enterprise security professionals a new level of proactive threat intelligence and a safe way to secretly monitor the channels used by criminal communities and stay one step ahead in the race to keep organizations safer from attacks and data breaches.

Trillion HarVista takes the pain, risk, and endless hours out of monitoring the dark web, allowing security professionals to focus on analysis and action.”

According to an article from TechRound, David Ruiz, Senior Privacy Advocate at Malwarebytes, stated that the Trillion HarVista solution can help organizations navigate the challenges posed by the UK’s Online Safety Bill, which could lead to major secure messaging apps like WhatsApp and Signal leaving the country due to requirements to scan user content that would undermine end-to-end encryption.

Ruiz also highlighted concerns about the fragmentation of the internet, with efforts in the US to introduce age verification technology that has already led to some sites blocking access from certain states.

By providing a safe and efficient way to monitor the dark web, Trillion HarVista can help security professionals stay ahead of emerging threats, while also navigating the complexities of evolving privacy regulations and internet fragmentation.


Key Features of Trillion HarVista


Trillion HarVista comes packed with innovative capabilities to enhance dark web monitoring:

Safe Access to Diverse Threat Actor Sources

One of the most powerful capabilities Trillion HarVista provides is safe access to a vast network of closed threat actor forums and channels across the dark web.

The platform allows security teams to secretly monitor and search within dangerous cybercriminal communities where attack tools are bought and sold, data dumps are traded, and vulnerabilities are discussed.

HarVista provides immediate access to even exclusive underground forums used by elite hacking groups and seasoned cybercriminals to collaborate. Analysts can search recent conversations on these closed forums without leaving any trail or footprint that could jeopardize their safety.

Intelligent Data Pivoting

One of HarVista’s key capabilities is intelligent data pivoting which makes researching threats extremely intuitive. For example, suppose a security analyst for an online casino is searching for the best and most secure online casino platform in the UK. In that case, HarVista will parse through various dark web forums and present relevant results in a meaningful data model.

HarVista also pivots seamlessly to external sites like reliable casino affiliate sites such as Vegasslotsonline UK to pull in data for comparing various casino operators. This helps the analyst conduct holistic research to determine which UK online casino would be most secure and recommended for players based on insights from the dark and surface web.

This intelligent pivoting and aggregation of data from diverse sources is invaluable for casino security teams looking to identify potential vulnerabilities in new platforms or emerging threats targeting the online gambling industry.

Data Leak Monitoring

Trillion HarVista provides continuous monitoring of the dark web to detect potential data leaks that could compromise an organization. The platform uses advanced data scraping and analytics to identify any internal company documents, databases, source code, or other sensitive assets that may get leaked on underground forums or marketplaces.

Some examples of risky leaks it monitors for include:

  • Internal emails, memos, presentations
  • Customer/employee records
  • Source code repositories
  • Network diagrams and configs
  • M&A or financial documents
  • Product designs and schematics

Early detection of such data leaks allows security teams to mitigate potential damage through containment. It also helps initiate impact assessment and forensic analysis to determine causes.

Trillion HarVista by Crossword Cybersecurity offers secure access to the dark web, converting covert conversations into early threat alerts. This unique capability furnishes proactive insights that enable organizations to stay one step ahead of advanced cyber threats. Meanwhile, artificial intelligence is reshaping the legal domain as courts progressively incorporate AI into diverse legal procedures and processes.

Nevertheless, the progression of AI technology presents substantial legal and ethical quandaries. The integration of HarVista’s dark web intelligence with careful consideration of AI’s legal ramifications can empower organizations to address emerging cybersecurity risks while upholding ethical principles. According to Emerge Digital, the legal community is already struggling to address these complex issues, even though the field of AI law is still in its infancy.

The key question is: who is responsible when AI systems cause harm or errors? By providing organizations with early visibility into emerging threats, Trillion HarVista helps address cyber risk. At the same time, as AI permeates the legal field and beyond, establishing accountability and ensuring responsible AI applications will be crucial.