Flutter – The Irish Bookmaker Leveraging The Internet to Grow

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Flutter Entertainment is one of Ireland’s biggest bookmakers, and that’s no easy feat in the competitive modern world. There are hundreds of bookmakers operating in Ireland today, making it harder and harder to get noticed among the sea of brands.

Flutter, though, has always managed not only to keep its head above water, but to grow enormously over the years. We’re going to look at some of the most important ways that Flutter has leveraged the internet for its own growth, whether through the basics of in-app and online betting or even the more out-there technologies used in the most cutting edge betting, like VR.


Online Betting


Naturally, you can’t really get ahead in the modern world of betting without having an online presence. In Ireland today, the majority of all betting is done online, with 60% of the market being taken up by online gambling which has seen huge numbers of new betting platforms enter the market. The overall market is expected to grow by a further 4% in the years running up to 2027. Flutter has always recognized this, and perhaps most importantly never let itself be left behind. They always made sure they were ahead of the curve and that they wouldn’t need to lose valuable time later catching up with online betting.

Flutter has also made a lot of the idea of an “entertainment ecosystem”. Again, this is something that is really made possible by the internet and online space. Betting even in itself is not simply a monolith; there are many aspects and facets to it and embracing as many of them as possible has been a really important part of Flutter’s strategy. Smooth, fast-running and well-optimised online platforms mean offering a wider range of markets to customers is a lot more streamlined. This has been another key part of Flutter’s growth.

Online betting, then, whatever the market for the bet might be, offers a whole host of advantages to both customers and Flutter. By offering more markets, and a speedier service, Flutter can attract a much wider customer base. Importantly, though, this greater range of markets does not mean that the most popular markets, like football, are neglected. Everything is carefully monitored to ensure the best possible deals for customers.

Not only that, but the online platforms make these constant updates quicker and easier. Customers can bet live on events as they unfold, changing and altering their betting strategies as necessary. Pay outs can often be instantaneous, which again is a big pull for customers.

Expansion into international markets is another important part of the strategy which would have been, at the very least, a great deal more difficult without leveraging the internet. For instance, Flutter have recently expanded into the US market, and this has driven profits up by as much as 75%. Online betting platforms mean that Flutter can expand seamlessly into international markets like this without the need for expensive developments or purchasing of property and setting up physical betting shops.

Flutter has leveraged the internet, then, both to garner a wider range of potential customers and to make the experience of betting smoother for everyone. This has naturally been a huge part of its growth—but things are changing even more in the modern world.


Emerging Network Technologies


New technologies are now offering further ways that Flutter can use the internet to its advantage and to push growth. How players experience online betting is changing more quickly than ever before. One particular piece of new technology which Flutter is leveraging through the internet is VR. VR offers a uniquely immersive gaming experience which is by no means limited in its scope to the traditional video game audience.

Flutter now offers their PokerStars virtual reality product giving both a more social and more immersive experience with their betting. This, doubtless, will attract more players who might have in the past avoided the online space, preferring the experience of a real poker game or whatever casino game it might be. As virtual reality technology grows and improves in the coming years, Flutter’s decision will certainly seem ahead of its time and again they won’t have to play catch-up.

A guess on how gaming and online betting in general are going to change in the coming years is, like any prediction of the future, impossible to make with any certainty. It may be that virtual reality betting winds up being a smaller market than some are currently predicting. But what’s important is that their plainly is a market for it, and that Flutter have not been afraid to innovate in that direction. In general, using the internet to push growth is all about innovation, and about staying ahead of the competition; this is precisely how Flutter have grown so enormously over the last decade.

—TechRound does not recommend or endorse any gambling practices. All articles are purely informational—