The Gamer’s Guide to Cybersecurity: Staying Safe When Gaming Online

The online world is all fun and games until you face a virus on your computer or a threat to your wallet. These days, scams and malware are more prominent than ever, and you must be on top of your game to keep yourself safe.

Cyber threats shouldn’t prevent you from playing your favourite games, so understanding the top ways you can stay safe while gaming online so you can keep doing what you love while staying safe is key.


1. Be Money Smart

The more anonymous you stay, the safer your personal information is from hackers. This concept is fundamental when it comes to paying for games online.

Use cryptocurrency wallets instead of bank details to make payments whenever you can. Also, download games from official sources—never use third parties or sketchy sources. Or, opt for buying a physical copy of that new game.

Being smart about your payments goes further than just buying games. The same principles apply to things like online casinos and sports betting. Don’t miss out on the newest promotions—when you use the latest Coral bonus code, all you have to do is ensure you’re being smart about your payment.


2. Limit What You Share

Most hacks aren’t caused by seasoned coders breaking layers of encryptions and extracting your personal information like in the movies. Instead, your data is usually stolen through something far easier and more effective: social engineering.

Social engineering uses manipulation tactics to get users to give up their personal information to a hacker. To avoid becoming a victim of this frightening hack, limit the personal information you share online.

This means not using your real name in gaming lobbies, never sharing details about yourself with strangers, and refraining from giving fellow gamers your contact information.


3. Use Strong Passwords

Chances are, you’ve heard this advice before. It’s so common that most of us brush it off and use the same simple password for every game login. This practice makes it much easier for hackers to access your private information.

Here’s how to make your passwords stronger:

Mix and Match

The first step to creating a strong password is to mix and match letters, numbers, and symbols. The more unique characters you have, the harder your password is to crack.

Go for Length

A longer password is harder to guess or steal than a shorter one. Go for anywhere between fifteen and thirty characters.

Make it Random

The most robust passwords are random strings of characters. Never use your name, birthday, or any date. Instead, scramble words or press random keys until you have a long enough password.


4. Report Suspicious Activity

If you see a player trying to entice other gamers into sharing their personal information or participating in a scam, report them immediately. Most games let you quickly flag a player doing something suspicious, meaning that filing a report won’t disrupt your gameplay.

If you report any strange behaviour you see, you’ll be doing your part to keep yourself and others safe.


5. Use Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is a simple way to protect your accounts. It works by sending a notification to your devices every time you log in to a game. To log in, you must accept the request on another device.

Some people find this inconvenient, but its boost to your security is enormous. Even if a hacker gets your username and password, they won’t be able to hack your account due to two-factor authentication.

If you’ve ever had a gaming account get hacked, you know how awful dealing with the aftermath is. It’s even more scary to have your personal information leaked or your money stolen. Thankfully, these easy solutions can help you stay safe.

Once you have these precautions in place, you don’t have to worry that your love for gaming will lead to your personal information getting stolen. Instead, enjoy your games and the peace of mind that comes along with knowing you’re protected against hackers.