Gaming Startups In Norway to Consider

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As an industry, gambling is tightly intertwined with technological innovations and progressive thinking.

While the state monopoly shapes the landscape of online casinos in Norway, creative and passionate gaming startups have found other related niches to occupy. Here, Ingrid Isaksen, the author of NorgeCasinoHub and a gambling expert in Norway, provides some industry insights into the most successful gambling companies to ever spring up in the Norwegian market.


Norsk Tipping: Monopolist on Varied Gambling and Betting


  • Founded: 1948
  • Industries: Gambling, Sports Betting
  • Number of employees: 450 

You’ll see many mentions of Norsk Tipping at Norgecasinohub, since it is the government-owned company that defines the domestic gambling market in Norway. It has nearly exclusive rights to provide the broadest range of services: sports betting, gambling games, scratch cards, and lotteries.

The Ministry of Culture manages and oversees Norsk Tipping. Profits from the gambling services are poured into the development of Norway’s sports and culture.

The company reached 100% state ownership in 1993.

Its website has been running since 2001, made mobile-friendly in 2005. The company strictly follows the government’s legal course for online gambling. Its mission is defined as offering attractive gambling with responsible practices while returning all profits to be used for society’s benefit.


Norsk Rikstoto: Monopolist on Horse Race Betting


  • Founded: 1982
  • Industries: Sports Betting
  • Number of employees: 110

Not like your average gambling startups, Norsk Rikstoto is a state-owned commercial foundation whose task is to supervise equine racing in Norway: harness racing and gallop.

It’s the only company allowed to organise sports betting on horse racing. Originally established to run a single totalisator game, the organisation received full financial and administrative responsibility for such games in 1996. In 2001, the TV channel Rikstoto Direkte went live.

Following the legal framework of the Norwegian government, Norsk Rikstoto is set to promote responsible gambling practices and help players steer clear of potential negative consequences. 3.7% of the organisation’s turnover goes to the state as fees.


Oddshero: Zero-Risk Matched Betting


  • Founded: 2019
  • Industries: Sports Betting
  • Number of employees: <10

Oddshero is one of the gambling startups for matched betting: a type of sports betting that involves using up free bonuses at bookmaker sites on opposing bets. Such activity is both risk-free and potentially lucrative, especially with Oddshero’s assistance.

All major sportsbook sites have juicy offers for new players, giving you the full value of your deposit in free bets. Oddshero will direct you to risk-free bets, with cover bets as a backup. Through such assistance, you’ll clear wagering requirements without losses, unlocking the bonus for withdrawing as real cash. 

Oddshero’s proven matched betting method, intuitive software interface, and friendliness to complete beginners have secured its success among online gambling startups.

The market of online casinos in Norway has seen quite a few successful gambling and betting companies, from state-owned industry monopolists to gaming startups of humble beginnings that attained success through passion, determination, and innovative ideas.

In the face of the government’s dominance over sportsbooks and online casinos, many thriving gaming startups in Norway provide assistive services, such as AI predictions, matched betting, or odds calculation.

—TechRound does not recommend or endorse any financial, investment or gambling practices. All articles are purely informational—