How Has Horse Racing Technology Changed Over The Years?

Sport is a sector that constantly has to adapt to changes in technology, as it not only enhances to spectacle for viewers, but also increases the safety of those involved. We have seen many technological advancements across all sports in recent years, but none have been as important as the adaptions made in horse racing.

The sport has been quick to implement new technology at every turn, including in main events such as the Kentucky Derby and the Breeders’ Cup Classic.

This has enabled everyone involved in the sport to gain a better understanding of the animals and their performances. But, in what ways has horse racing evolved through the use of technology in recent times?

Tracking Technology

One of the most important pieces of technology that has been adopted in horse racing is the use of tracking software. This sees all equine stars fitted with a tracker on their bodies, which helps quickly communicate back to the team how quickly they are travelling and keeping track of their heart rate.

This has been an excellent addition to help trainers to examine the performances of the horses in their yard, as they can now easily see the sectors in the race where the performance could be improved.

It has also been exceptionally important when it comes to maintaining the health of a horse, as it can quickly pick up any lingering issues that may not be spotted from the naked eye.


Another of the key jobs away from the stables in horse racing is that of the grounds man at the courses around the country. It could be argued as the most important job in the sport, as the ground has a direct impact on the race itself, and ultimately the safety of the horses involved.

It would come as no surprise that this is one of the sectors within the sport that has successfully adapted to using technology, as tools such as GoingStick are now being used at all major courses up and down the country.

This piece of technology enables clerks of the course to ensure that the going on every inch of the course is at the standard required. It is also a piece of technology that has been important for bettors, as they have been able to carefully examine the ground and then can base their assumptions for the race based on the technological findings.

It is also incredibly helpful to trainers, as they can make the most informed decision when it comes to their horse, as some would not perform should the ground be too deep.


Of course, one of the sectors that have had the most success with the advancements made in technology has been that of the betting industry. Betting companies are constantly improving the service that they offer to bettors due to technology, and that has been evident with horse racing betting for a number of years.

Betting companies now offer HD streams of the majority of races taking place around the world, with the odds for races over a longer distance changing while the race is in-play.

However, as well as betting, the technological advancements has also enabled bettors to make more informed decisions. There are a growing number of mobile apps dedicated to horse racing, which means that the days of buying a newspaper to see the race cards for the day are a thing of the past.

These dedicated apps will show the latest odds, as well as any changes to the going. It is also the one-stop-shop to find all the latest tips from some of the biggest names in the industry.