How to Humanely Remove Pigeons Nesting Under Solar Panels

Pigeons-nesting under solar panels can be a nuisance for homeowners and businesses. While bird-proofing techniques can stop pigeons from building nests beneath solar panels, it’s occasionally essential to remove already-existing nests. But it’s crucial to do so in a considerate manner that doesn’t hurt the birds. Here are a few suggestions for removing pigeons from solar panel nests compassionately.

Check for Eggs or Chicks

Please ensure no eggs or chicks are within any nests before removing them. Pigeons typically lay two eggs at a time, taking 18 days to hatch. Before they can fly, the chicks spend roughly a month in the nest. To avoid harming or killing the young, waiting until the eggs or chicks have fled the coop is imperative before removing the nest.

Use a Pigeon Deterrent

Pigeon deterrents are devices or products that discourage pigeons from roosting or nesting in a particular area. Several humane pigeon deterrents can be used to prevent pigeons from nesting under solar panels. These include:
Bird spikes: Bird spikes are valuable tools for preventing birds from perching or nesting on solar panels. The edges of the panels are firmly fastened with these spikes, typically made of metal or plastic. They hinder birds from landing on the panels and keep them from building nests.

Bird netting: Bird netting is a mesh material installed over the entire solar panel array. It prevents birds from accessing the space underneath the panels.

Scare devices: Scare devices like fake owls or snakes can effectively keep pigeons away from solar panels.


Bird Proofing Solar Panels

One effective way to prevent pigeons from nesting under solar panels is by using bird proofing methods for solar panels. Bird blocker mesh is a specially designed mesh that fits over the gaps between solar panels and the roof. It prevents birds from accessing the space underneath the panels.

Remove the Nest

After you are positive there are no eggs or chicks within, you can safely remove the nest. Wearing gloves and a mask is essential when removing the nest to protect yourself from potential diseases or infections. The nest must be appropriately disposed of after being put in a plastic bag.

Clean the Area

To stop the pigeons from returning, the area must be carefully cleaned after removing the nest. Use a disinfectant spray to remove any waste or debris the pigeons leave behind.

Why It’s Important to Remove Pigeon Nests Humanely

Removing pigeon nests from under solar panels is essential for several reasons. Pigeons-nesting under solar panels can cause damage to the panels by scratching or pecking at them. This can lead to reduced efficiency and costly repairs. Pigeon nests may cause a fire, especially if placed near electrical equipment.

Pigeons can also ruin the area with their waste, including feathers and other debris. This may be unattractive and unhygienic and might even draw in additional pests like rats or insects.

Removing pigeon nests from under solar panels is an important task that should be done humanely and safely. By following these tips, you can remove pigeon nests without causing harm to the birds or damaging your solar panels. Remember to use bird-proofing methods to prevent future nesting and keep your solar panels clean and efficient.