How to Pick the Right Tennis Racquet

Choosing the ideal tennis racquet is a vital choice for players, regardless of whether you’re just starting or a seasoned pro. Your racquet acts as an extension of your arm, impacting your playing style, comfort, and overall performance on the court. This comprehensive guide will lead you through the crucial factors to consider when picking the perfect tennis racquet that aligns with your playing style and elevates your game.

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Know Your Skill Level


The first step in picking the right tennis racquet is understanding your skill level. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced players often require different features in their racquets. Beginners generally benefit from larger, more forgiving racquet heads, while advanced players may prefer greater control and precision.

Choose The Right Racquet Type

To simplify the extensive array of tennis racquets available, let’s categorize them into four main groups: power racquets, tweener racquets, modern player’s racquets, and traditional player’s racquets. We’ll explore each of these categories in detail below.

Power Racquets

Power racquets are the designation given by racquet manufacturers to racquets focused on enhancing power. Typically, these racquet types have larger-than-average heads, ranging from oversize to super-oversize (107-135 square inches).

They are lightweight, weighing between 8 to 9.5 ounces, longer, measuring from 27 to 29 inches, and are stiffer in construction. The balance is often head-heavy or evenly distributed to maintain sufficient weight in the hitting zone. These racquets are crafted with players in mind who have shorter, slower swings and desire increased power from their equipment.

Tweener Racquets

Tweener racquets earned their name by being positioned between power racquets and player’s racquets. Today, they stand as the most popular type of racquet offered by Tennis Warehouse. A tweener combines some of the lightweight and powerful features of power racquets with the control found in player’s racquets. These racquets are generally of light to medium weight, ranging from 9.5 to 11 ounces. Their balance can vary from slightly head light to slightly head heavy, and they typically have midplus heads, measuring between 98 to 104 square inches.

Tweener racquets appeal to intermediate to advanced players due to their power level falling within the low-medium to medium-high range. Known for their spin-friendly nature, these racquets possess a light and fast feel, coupled with a generous midplus headsize.

Modern Player’s Racquets

The emergence of a heavy topspin playing style at the highest level of the game has led to the development of modern player’s racquets. These racquets are lighter and swifter compared to traditional player’s racquets, featuring midplus headsizes. Designed for aggressively attacking the ball at an acute angle to generate maximum spin, modern player’s racquets exhibit a power level similar, if not identical, to tweener racquets. Their strung weight typically falls within the range of 11 to 12 ounces, with headsizes often hovering around 98 to 100 square inches.

Traditional Player’s Racquets

Traditional player’s racquets refer to the racquets employed by professionals, high-level club players, and college team players. Generally, these models are characterized by their heavier weight, ranging from 11.5 to 12+ ounces, smaller heads varying between 85 to 98 square inches, and thinner, more flexible beams.

They are balanced in a head-light manner to ensure maneuverability. These racquets are intentionally low-power, designed for players who generate their own power and seek a racquet that prioritizes control. While most player’s racquets adhere to standard length, a few extended length options are available.

Consider Racquet Head Size

Racquet head size directly influences the sweet spot and power of your shots. Larger head sizes offer a more forgiving sweet spot, making it easier to connect with the ball. However, smaller head sizes provide more control over your shots. Consider your playing style and preferences when deciding on the ideal head size.

Grip Size Matters

Choosing the correct grip size is essential for comfort and preventing injuries. A grip that is too small can lead to hand strain, while a grip that is too large may reduce your control over the racquet. Experiment with different grip sizes to find the one that feels most comfortable in your hand.

Weight and Balance

The weight and balance of a tennis racquet affect your swing speed, power, and maneuverability. Lighter racquets are generally easier to maneuver, while heavier ones can provide more power. Consider your physical strength and playing style when selecting the weight and balance that suits you best.


String Pattern and Tension

The string pattern and tension of your racquet impact the feel of your shots. A denser string pattern offers more control, while an open pattern provides additional power and spin. Experimenting with different string tensions can also help fine-tune your racquet to your liking.

Demo Several Racquets

Before making a final decision, take advantage of demo programs offered by many tennis shops. Trying out different racquets on the court allows you to feel how each one performs in real-game situations. Pay attention to how the racquet responds to your playing style and shot preferences.

Seek Professional Advice

If you’re uncertain about which racquet is right for you, seek guidance from tennis professionals or knowledgeable staff at tennis specialty stores. They can provide valuable insights based on your skill level, playing style, and physical attributes.

Picking the right tennis racquet is a personal journey that involves considering various factors and finding the perfect balance for your game. By understanding your skill level, preferences, and experimenting with different racquets, you’ll be well on your way to elevating your tennis experience and maximizing your performance on the court. So, gear up, find the perfect racquet, and get ready to serve and volley your way to victory!