How To Use Google Pay Securely On Your Phone

Do you know how secure Google Pay is? Did you know that 52% of bank account fraud comes from Google Pay? And it isn’t only Google Pay. Apple Pay has 60% of fraud and losses through its payment system.

Still, that isn’t to say they aren’t safe – there’s simply a long way to go until it is 100% secure. And even then, with how sophisticated hackers are becoming, can you make a payment method 100% safe? You can certainly try, with the following tips.


Optimise Device Security Before Setup


Before proceeding with Google Pay, ensure you have a well-secured device.

Begin by having strong authentication mechanisms for your phone. Your phone’s first defence is to lock it down using complicated passwords, PIN codes, fingerprinting or face authentication for Google Pay. When setting up Google Pay, the app will walk you through adding a form of payment. From any participating bank, select your desired credit or debit card as your default card selection for a start.

Google Pay verifies information from you before letting you make any transaction with it – this often includes entering a verification code sent by your bank to link the card securely.

Also, think about Google Play across online betting websites; one example is where players select to deposit funds into their betting accounts directly from their bank accounts without exposing their details to the bookmaker.


Monitor and Manage Your Google Pay Activity


Frequently check your transaction history on Google Pay to keep yourself updated against unauthorised access. Regular checks allow detection of suspicious activities faster as they occur.

Ensure transaction notifications are enabled through the Google Play app so that when there is an activity on your account, you have an immediate notification. These message alerts are handy because they help monitor expenditure levels at any given time and spot possible fraud cases. Finally, if there are strange transactions in your account, don’t hesitate to call the bank immediately.


Safe Practices When Using Google Pay Online


Google Pay is increasingly becoming acceptable on different online platforms, including gambling, where Google Pay is an option on most betting sites – it is an easy method of payment. Why wouldn’t people want it as an option? A few clicks, and they’re done.

When you’re doing these financial transactions over public Wi-Fi, always ensure you are using a safe connection. In fact, rather than this, go for your mobile data or a trusted non-public Wi-Fi.

To protect your data and keep your online activities from prying eyes, consider using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) when accessing Google Pay or any sensitive information.


Leverage Google Pay’s Advanced Security Features


Google Pay has several features that protect your financial information and make it safe. One of the best examples is the process of tokenisation, where your actual credit card numbers are substituted with tokens during transactions to hide your sensitive details from traders.

Google also does regular scans for any abnormal activities using its robust anti-fraud systems to notify you in case of any security problems. You must activate Google Play Protect on your device – this would be a key component in shielding it from malicious apps and attacks. Using Google Pay for high-value transactions like online betting becomes a multilayered security strategy to protect every transaction and it starts with you.