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vcita has always had one main goal and vision in place: to impact and improve the way small businesses run their business by way of innovation and technology.

And after over 13 years in the business of getting smart solutions into the hands of SMBs, we’ve realised that the best way to do this is by working with organisations that share the same vision of serving the underserved SMB community. That’s why we partner with marketing companies, telcos, fintechs and banks, other SaaS companies, and distributors so that we can empower SMBs to thrive.

But we needed a way to communicate this value to potential partners in a clearer and more concise way. So we took our proactive approach to partnerships even further and built the inTandem brand.

This blog tells the story of the inTandem brand and its partner program: inTandem Pro and inTandem Complete, offering flexibility for our partners and propelling SMB success. We’ll take a look at each track, what it offers, who it’s for, and see some examples in action.


What is inTandem?


inTandem is vcita’s partner-focused brand, putting large organisations that serve small businesses at the heart of its operations. It is a complete business management platform :a customisable, white-label solution that allows organisations to bring their SMB clients all the essential tools under their own brand. With inTandem, partners can deliver great service and value to their SMB customers and unlock new revenue streams, reduce churn, and increase customer loyalty.

With the launch of inTandem, we’ve opened the door to new engagement and growth opportunities with paid apps and smart marketing services that drive more user adoption for optimal results and success on the partner side.

We know how strategic decisions are made, hence the importance of choosing the right platform to partner with. Partners must feel confident in their choice, passionate about the partnership, and clearly understand the added value of such tools for SMBs and for their long-term success. Our partners’ trust in vcita is based on our knowledge from years of both serving local businesses and building successful partnerships through collaboration and innovation.

We’ve built a product based on experience, the same as we do our partnerships. We know our partners trust us because of the years of knowledge and expertise we bring to the table, and we turned that into one of inTandem’s greatest assets.


inTandem’s Two Options: Pro vs. Complete


As we began developing the inTandem brand we realised that some of our partners needed more help with selling SaaS than others. We wanted to be able to assist our partners at every step of the way, no matter what that looked like, and so, inTandem Pro and inTandem Complete were born.


What is inTandem Pro?


inTandem Pro allows our partners to leverage our technology to create their own unique solution and take it to market with their own skilled teams. This means that pricing, packaging, marketing, and selling the solution is all done by the partner, with support by inTandem where needed.

This track is perfect for a company that has experience selling SaaS and has a strong bond with its SMB clients already.


inTandem Pro in Action


The execs at FCR Media, a leading digital marketing agency specialising in servicing small businesses, were looking for a way to help their small business customers save time, become more efficient, and attract more customers. Through an arduous evaluation process, they sought out a partner with a proven track record and an open platform approach where they could integrate their existing services and create one seamless experience for their clients.

Since choosing the inTandem platform by vcita, they’ve launched their own solution called, and have witnessed a significant improvement in customer satisfaction and a decrease in customer churn rates.

As Bart van der Hejden, CTO of FCR Media said, “with the Sitee solution, we could really move up the value chain and be more embedded in the SMB ecosystem.”


What is inTandem Complete?


With the goals of getting our partners to market faster as well as helping them scale up successfully, leveraging our over 13 years of expertise in bringing SaaS solutions to SMBs, and making our partner offering more accessible to companies who were resource-constrained, we created the inTandem Complete track.

inTandem Complete enables the inTandem team to become a complete extension of our partners’ business, taking their solution to market for them and serving their SMB customers on their behalf. From pricing to packaging, going to market, customer support, and more, inTandem handles it all for the partner, ensuring their success.

It’s the perfect track for organisations that serve SMBs with non-SaaS offerings that want to diversify their solutions and increase brand loyalty.


inTandem Complete in Action


Santa Barbara TPG, a company offering tax related financial services to small businesses, was on the hunt for a solution that would help them expand their offering and help their small business clients grow their business year-round. They weren’t only seeking a solution that met their technology needs, but that also would become an integral part of their growth strategy.

With inTandem as their partner, they launched Marketing Pro, a complete business management solution that incorporates their existing services. The best part? All the sales and marketing enablement and assets come from the inTandem team.

Ryan Melius, Sr. Marketing Director at SBTPG had this to say about the partnership: “For us, the benefit of working with inTandem is that it has become an extension of our marketing, our product, our operations team, our support team. inTandem has emerged as a true partner and a key player within our business.”

Both roads lead to success

The great thing about inTandem is that, no matter which track you choose, success is waiting around the corner. We’ve learned the true needs of our partners and of small business owners over our 13+ years in the industry and have turned that into our greatest achievement. We not only leverage that experience to bring a sound piece of technology to our partners, but also to bring forth something much greater that cannot be bought: our knowledge.

To learn more about a partnership with inTandem, click here.

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