Ireland Set To Benefit From Full Potential Of 5G Network


Ireland continues to witness significant technological advancements, especially digital transformations. As a result, the DESI index ranking has severally placed the nation among the top 10 EU countries whose tech scene is rapidly changing. The country’s 5G network developments have also contributed to this ranking.


The 5G Standalone Network Revolutionising Experiences


In 2023, Irish telco Three became the first Ireland operator to launch 5G standalone (5G SA). Of course, 5G had previously been operational in the country, except it relied on a 4G radio coverage footprint and core network. So far, several industries, especially online entertainment, have benefited from the 5G faster speeds and reduced latencies.

In entertainment sectors that are characterised by rapid advancements, speed is essential. For example, in online slots, where high-tech visuals are common, 5G has been a plus, ensuring that the games load faster. Consider, for example, slots for real cash at Paddy’s company, which have immersive graphics and sophisticated visuals. 5G, 100 times faster than 4G, ensures flawless screen transitions and lag-free spin animations even with such visuals.

These industries are set to benefit from the full potential of the 5G network as 5G SA does not have some dependence on 4G as the previous 5G did. David Hennessy, Three’s CTO, mentioned that the standalone network was only the beginning of the true 5G and showed hopes for even more extensive advancements in the future.

Partnership with Technological University Shannon (TUS)

Three Ireland collaborated with TUS to conduct trials with the 5G SA and demonstrate its abilities in real-life cases for one year. Dr. Enda Fallon, TUS’s Head of the Department of Computer and Software Engineering, welcomed the idea, stating that the launch would facilitate research, design and evaluation of transformative solutions.

John Griffin, head of Ericsson Ireland, further supported the initiative, stating that the network will answer the growing connectivity demands within Ireland’s ecosystem.

According to ISPreview, 5G SA supports network slicing, allowing Three Ireland to establish virtual end-to-end networks that meet specific business demands. Businesses will reap the benefits of greater efficiencies as infrastructures are divided into multiple networks.

A Brighter Future for More Industries

The base stations for 5G standalone provide a wider coverage than Wi-Fi access points, increasing the network’s overall reliability. The solution also saves on cost as fewer base stations are required to cover a given area. For applications like safety systems and augmented reality that require low latency, 5G SA is the answer.

Other operations that stand to benefit from 5G SA include real-time manufacturing processes, sports assessments, management of logistics inventory robots, etc. A report by Industrial News indicated that 5G SA has a greater capacity than 4G, by up to 10 times, allowing for the management of more devices or sensors per square kilometre.

By leveraging this advanced connectivity infrastructure, Ireland can position itself as a global leader in innovation, drive sustainable economic development, and improve the quality of life for its citizens. As the Emerald Isle embraces the full potential of 5G, the future is indeed bright for this dynamic nation.