Which Jobs Need Graphic Design Skills?

Some university degrees or courses are designed for a particular career route, but there are also qualifications that keep multiple paths open. One of the most transferable qualifications is a certificate or a degree in graphic design. With a graphic design qualification, you have plenty of career options in the UK. After reading this post you will know about the best ones – and realise how diverse your career could be with a graphic design qualification.

Many of these jobs are available in the big cities from London to Liverpool but are rarely available in smaller UK towns. After reading about them, you can quite easily search for jobs in major UK cities including London, Manchester and Liverpool (https://uk.jobrapido.com/Jobs-in-Liverpool) to see what roles are currently listed.

Website Designers

Many graphic designers go into website design which can be a stable job. Businesses today must compete with a fierce online presence, which means almost every business should have a website. With more startups being formed, this means a constant supply of website building work.

Visual Editors

Visual editing is a label for a number of different jobs related to graphic design. It could encompass editing photographs, videos, logo design for business and so many more types of media that businesses rely on daily. One of the best aspects of these jobs is that no two days are often the same. You will experience new challenges within each project.

Architecture Drafter

One graphic design job that even seasoned graphic designers may not have considered is an architecture drafter. Working in close partnership with architecture firms or personal clients, you will be responsible for producing pin-point accurate designs of buildings ready for builders to take hold of. Although this is a niche area of graphic design, it can be one of the most rewarding because of the result in creating extraordinary buildings.

Product Designers

If visual editors have very different days, a product designer certainly does. Many businesses will require a graphic designer to prepare launches of their product for their pitch decks and presentations in front of investors and venture capitalists. Working on new products can help with your own innovation and throw up some exciting topics.

Motion Designers and Animators

Animation is one of the most popular and desired roles by graphic design experts. That is usually because their interest in graphic design stems from a love of cartoons, comic books and cinematic animation. Although difficult to get into at first, the UK does house some of the best 2D and 3D animation studios in the world.

 A Future in Freelancing?

Many of the jobs involved with graphic design qualifications will hone in on the individual’s creativity and eye for detail. With the right skills and these inherent traits, there is no reason why you could not succeed in any of these areas, either working for a company or as a freelancer. In fact, many exceptional graphic designers will go on to benefit from freelance working in their later careers after they have sharpened their design skills.