Is Live Streaming Set For Its Biggest Revolution?

Since the internet hit the mainstream, it’s hard to think of a technological advancement that’s taken the world by storm quite like live streaming has. The concept of internet users being able to view real time footage of places and events as if they are actually there has added another layer to the online world and extended the realms of what is possible.

With live streaming being so popular and useful in countless industries, it is doubtlessly set to evolve further. Indeed, it could be set for its biggest upgrade yet when it is integrated with virtual reality.


Live Streaming Has Taken the World by Storm


The figures behind live streaming’s usage are staggering. Since Facebook helped to make it mainstream in 2017, the market has grown to a whopping value of $1.49 billion. In 2021 alone, internet users spent approximately 548 billion hours on live streaming videos on mobile. To put that into context, there have only been just shy of 18 million hours since the year 1 AD.

There’s no doubt that live streaming is massive, and it has been a major boost to a vast number of online industries. Social media has been arguably the biggest beneficiary, but it has also been pivotal to digital marketing. The online casino sector has also benefited greatly from live streaming.

The iGaming market was one of the first places to find the technology before it hit the mainstream. Now, live casino games are some of the most popular offerings at online casinos. They span way beyond classic table games now and encompass innovative offerings like Sweet Bonanza Candy Land and Mega Ball 100X. The emergence of titles like these highlights just how big the live category has become at online casinos.


Integrating Live Streaming with VR Is Next Logical Step


Back in 2016, virtual reality was touted as the next major platform online. That never came to fruition, and it was usurped by live streaming. Now, the latter technology could have a part to play in bringing the former to the mainstream. With the current state of internet devices, it feels like there aren’t many more advancements to be made with live streaming. However, integrating it with VR could take it to the next level.

In the future, users may be able to put on a VR headset and feel as though they have been transported to the location in which the love stream is taking place. Using online casino games as an example, players would get a sense that they are sitting at the tables or competing in the game shows. This could be the catalyst that VR needs to go mainstream, users realising that the best way to enjoy live streaming is by accessing it on the platform.

Live streaming is going nowhere, and it’s only set to get bigger and better in the years ahead. When it is incorporated with other revolutionary pieces of technology such as VR, it could be even more incredible than it is today.