Medicaleaf Review : What Do The British Public Think Of CBD?

Data on public attitudes towards CBD use in the UK would appear to demonstrate that CBD has now gone mainstream. A recent survey indicates that between 8% and 11% of UK adults, approximately 4 to 6 million people have tried CBD. The same report states that 7% of the population have used cannabis for medicinal purposes in the past year, rising to 41% among those who have used CBD in the past year.

For years, as a prohibited product, the benefits of CBD remained largely unknown. However, with the recent changes to UK law and the growing legalisation of hemp worldwide, CBD products are beginning to find a place in the everyday lives of consumers with a broad appeal, reaching all ages.

CBD oil has gained popularity in recent years as a health supplement, mainly because of its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties; although some studies have also argued its effectiveness in the treatment of arthritis, anxiety, depression and even Parkinson’s disease. Over the past two decades the global drive toward a healthier lifestyle has been impossible to miss, and it just so happens that the medicinal properties of CBD neatly marry with this global shift.

Consumers’ desire to remain healthy, to improve quality of life, and to take better care of their bodies is what makes CBD so appealing. Respondents to the research report ‘that CBD is effective for them and should be made more widely available, however costs was raised as a factor. A sizeable proportion of regular CBD users are deriving, or claiming to experience, a medicinal or therapeutic benefit from the CBD they buy.’

Medicaleaf’s mission is to provide the tools, the natural plant extracts and the opportunity for individuals to improve their wellbeing. We want to create a following that in turn creates a movement: that way we can ensure Medicaleaf products are trusted, understood and valued.

Medicaleaf™ aspires to be a philanthropic and profitable business.

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