The Most Competitive Fields to Start a Business in Right Now

You might have an idea that popped up recently and you’re sure it would make a great business. You might have seen a business failing and thought you could turn it around. Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of working for yourself and you feel like now is the time to do it. It certainly wouldn’t be right to discourage anyone with any of these ideas, but if you’re considering starting something in one of these fields, then think carefully. The business world can be tough anyway, but these fields are seriously competitive right now.

Delivering Goodies

Plenty of people have thought about following their dream and starting a business during the past year and for many it has proved to be truly life changing. For Amy Leigh, this led her to starting up a baked goods delivery service and she has been a runaway success. Amy timed her business opening just right, during the first lockdown. People were having to get used to online shopping for groceries, but probably with the best intentions for their waistline in mind, were avoiding ordering sweet treats as part of their weekly shop.

This left lots of people stuck at home with an urge for cake.

Seeing this need and being quite the culinary whizz, Amy began baking and delivering goods in her local area. Most people during the past year or so will have ordered something delicious for delivery and whilst it seems like a great business proposal, unfortunately lots of other people have had the same idea. There’s been a huge surge in demand for this service, but an even bigger surge in businesses offering it. If you’ve got a truly unique cake-delivery proposition, then it could be viable, but otherwise, it might be best to leave it to Amy.

Online Gaming

Keeping ourselves entertained online has been a necessity for many recently and as such, many young entrepreneurs wanted a slice of the pie. Lots of new online casino sites have been popping up, but the vast majority have not survived their first year. Whilst the overheads associated with an online casino are far smaller than those associated with a real-life one, the competition is truly fierce. When it comes to the different sectors of this enormous market, there are already key players who have each part covered.

Vegas Slots Online has already cornered the market when it comes to providing free slot machine games for UK-based players. Though it might seem like bad business sense to allow players to play for free, the idea is that it makes it possible for users to try out multiple games and see which they like best before committing. This kind of flexibility and something-for-nothing approach is exactly the kind of thing that a start-up business couldn’t provide without an enormous amount of capital, making building something from the ground up in the casino sector a terrifyingly large task at this moment.


Are you forever leaving lengthy voice notes to your friends?

Can you always be relied upon to give a great speech? Have your mates ever quipped that you love the sound of your own voice? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you’ve almost certainly thought about starting your own podcast this year. The statistics surrounding podcast creation and listening in 2021 are staggering. Although it’s difficult to be one hundred percent accurate, there are certainly upwards of 2 million podcasts available to listen to today.

That’s not 2 million episodes, that’s 2 million distinct podcasts. Whilst there’s always someone out there who shares the same interests as you and would love to have a podcast about it to listen to, it’s worth checking out what’s already out there before embarking on making your own. In order to make money from your podcast, you’ll be relying on revenue from advertising and in order to attract an advertiser, your recording is going to have to be slick.

Whilst ten years ago you only needed a microphone and a quiet room to record a somewhat successful podcast, nowadays a studio is almost a necessity. If you’ve got the equipment and an idea that hasn’t already been done then you’re in with a chance, but if you’re covering old true crime stories, or asking people about their fondest childhood food memories, then you might need to think again.