New Technologies Propel The Gaming Sector

Online betting has many advantages. It is cheap, convenient, offers variety, allows punters to place wagers anywhere and at any time, and does not have geographic limitations.

And while these perks would be enough for most punters, betting sites are always looking for ways to improve their services. Reputable bookies like Bet365 online have invested in many technologies that promise to improve their offerings and customer experiences.

As such, anyone who enjoys online betting can look forward to taking advantage of the following technologies:

What’s New?

Bonuses and rewards often attract punters. However, these are not enough to ensure punters get the best services, which is crucial to attracting and retaining clients. Thus, many bookies have looked into the following options:

Live Betting

Have you ever watched a game and predicted something would happen? Have you ever wished to place a different bet once a game starts? Live betting is the way to go if you have answered “yes” to these questions.

Unlike traditional betting, live betting allows punters to place wagers as the game ensues. For example, if you had bet on team A scoring 6 goals by half-time and the team seems to be on the losing end, you can bet against it once the game starts.

Live bets have many options, with some sites offering micro-bets. Thus, engagement during matches increases. Moreover, you can capitalise on key match moments and increase your earnings.


Live Streaming

Following a game is not always easy. After all, punters must be in the right place to watch it. Plus, they must be in the best headspaces to follow the events. As we all know, sitting down to watch a live match is easier said than done. Bookies have eased this by providing live-streaming options.

But how do they work?

Live streams: The easiest way to follow live footage is by watching the match as it plays out. Most sites offer this option akin to watching the game on TV.

Live stats: If you cannot follow the live footage, sites also offer live stats. For example, if a team has scored 2 goals, you can view this directly on the site.

Live streaming pairs well with live betting, enabling punters to make more informed wagers and keep tabs on their predictions.

Digital Payment Methods

Making and receiving payments should be straightforward. But in the past, this has not always been the case. Punters have struggled with slow, unsecured, or limited payment methods, affecting their wagers.

The introduction of digital payments has thus been welcome. Besides card payments and e-wallets, they now have access to cryptocurrencies which bear the perks below:

They are fast: Payments reflect in accounts within a few minutes,
They are secure: Bettors can rest assured that their payments will not get intercepted by third parties, and
They are anonymous: Punters can place wagers without sharing their financial details. Thus, if they need loan facilities or other services that can be hampered by betting, they can still access them.
The lack of a middle person in the transactions ensures that punters can enjoy speedy and secure transactions without amount limits.

Betting Apps

Placing wagers on websites might be convenient, but mobile apps take betting to the next level. These don’t require downloads, are easier to access, have the same features as the sites, and usually have additional bonuses and rewards.

Thus, punters can place wagers and withdraw their earnings on the go. Moreover, apps often have increased security features, making it harder for third parties to intercept transactions.

Additionally, most bookies are now using artificial intelligence (AI) in their operations and marketing. This technology helps bookies target the right ads to each buyer persona, allowing punters to get wind of any rewards that benefit them.