Nothing to Wear

Be honest, how many time have you stood in front of your wardrobe packed full of clothes uttering “I have nothing to wear”. The truth is for a lot of us, we buy an outfit which we will either wear to death or only wear once, meaning we truly believe we have nothing to wear to that special occasion.

But what if you could rent an outfit? Especially if you know you if you were to purchase it for a ridiculous, high-end price, you would only wear it once. Weddings, balls and fancy dinners are all occasions that come to mind when thinking of a piece you would wear all but once, bought at a steep price for it to just sit in your wardrobe. The problem with designer pieces worn to a special event is that you may be reluctant to wear them again anytime soon; you may have pictures in a particular dress and not want to repeat the look in the near future where photos will be taken again.

Dresses for Rent

That’s right, rented! All your fashion wishes have been granted by the Nothing To Wear fairy godmother! Nothing To Wear provide luxury items from clothing and accessories to bags and shoes for 15% of the retail price. Their items are available in a number of styles and sizes, and you can specify the length of the renting period.


Dolce and Gabbana Dress – £90 (market value £600)  


Chanel Bi-Color Pumps – £33 (market value £220)

Nothing To Wear will deliver your freshly dry-cleaned items to your door. Once the agreed period of lease has ended, they will pick up your items free of charge.

Meet the Team 

Nothing To Wear prides itself on being an eco-friendly company, who recycle couture rather than buying it new. At the heart of the company are two incredible women, bound together by their shared passion for (recycled) fashion.


Cyrine Allani Joaristi, founder and CEO of Nothing To Wear, had previously worked for Jacques Fath and Christian Dior Couture due to her love of fashion. Of course, with a love of fashion comes an impressive designer wardrobe. As a self-proclaimed “one-time wearer” of her luxury items, a market for Nothing To Wear became apparent. “I realised that the thrill resided in wearing something for the first time, whether it was new, borrowed or vintage. The excitement came from the new experience, not the newness out the outfit.”


Lamia Jerad, the COO, had worked for many years at top luxury fashion brands from Louis Vuitton to Hermes, to name drop a few. Lamia and Cyrine discovered their shared love of all things glamorous, as well as their drive and creativity in their professional lives. Lamia sums up her view on the need for Nothing To Wear in the market: “The business purpose to come with our own solution to reclaim our stylish closets and better align with the ethics and ecological values of sustainable fashion was just evident.”

Both women aim to help other glamorous and open-minded women dress to impress, standing out for all of the right reasons. “Dressing responsibly in incredibly affordable recycled couture!”