Phrasly.Ai: Changing The Way AI is Used

In this new age of artificial intelligence (AI) and its implementation in everything from businesses to classrooms, there have been many hardships when it comes to the detection and monitoring of the use of AI.

For every AI detection service that correctly identifies that your student may have written their book report by simply typing a few prompts into ChatGPT, there’s another student who earnestly did the work and still had their book report identified as being written by AI. It’s a delicate ecosystem that many are still learning to adapt to, and that’s why Phrasly.AI is founded on the expertise of AI professionals committed to ensuring the accuracy and integrity of written content, specifically targeting the academic sector.

Phrasly utilises what its team refers to as an AI Humaniser to help better disguise its writing. This tool consistently beats top AI detectors like Originality.AI, TurnItIn, and GPTZero. AI writing is engineered by feeding an entire database of writing into it, then the AI regurgitates a blend of all of its “learned” writing. AI detectors are, ironically, powered by AI as well, as an entire database of AI writing is fed into them, leading to them being able to identify such writing tropes and styles.

Now, Phrasly has taken AI, fed the database of these AI detectors into it, and formed the Humaniser, an AI-powered way to circumnavigate identification. Simultaneously, Phrasly’s AI detector has an accuracy record of 99.8%, making it highly capable of identifying AI-written content in ways that even professional-grade AI detection services cannot match.

In addition to this, Phrasly prioritises generating content that includes accurate citations fetched from the internet. This provides a significant advantage over other AI-generating content machines, as they often fail to render real and/or viable citations. This tool, and others in the Phrasly library, ensures your writing is real and reliable, whether you’re a blogger concerned about originality or a student worried about plagiarism.

Phrasly was designed with ease of use in mind and, as such, has an intuitive user interface that is simple to use and navigate. The Phrasly designers were insistent that regardless of your level of IT expertise, the product makes AI accessible to all, equalising the playing field. While many AI programs have usage restrictions, Phrasly provides unrestricted access to all of its functionalities.

In just six months on the market, Phrasly has processed over 300 million words and assisted over 500,000 students. Phrasly is dedicated to staying on the cutting edge with ongoing advancements and upgrades, and it will have to if it hopes to outwit the AI detectors for the foreseeable future. The team’s objective is to become the world’s most renowned AI writing tool, and they seem intent on making that dream a reality, working hard to maximise the effect of these technical elements.

With features like its AI Humaniser, detection accuracy, and intuitive UI, Phrasly sets itself apart from an oversaturated AI marketplace. Phrasly looks to revolutionise the way in which society uses AI with innovative cutting-edge tools and tech.