Popular Mobile Gaming Apps to Try in 2023

Some of the biggest games expected to be released this year will no doubt top the charts when it comes to downloads. While there will always be fans of traditional games with fans of poker UK wide downloading mobile games to play from wherever they happen to be.

With such a wide variety of new games available, there are plenty to choose from, including:

Call of Duty: Warzone

As one of the most successful gaming franchises, the Call of Duty games have proved their popularity time and time again. The latest iteration allows players to enjoy all the excitement of their favourite game with the convenience of being able to play from wherever they happen to be.

The design incorporates all the things that have made previous versions so engaging, allowing fans to drop back into their favourite game. There is more scope for competition in this version with players able to compete in matches featuring up to 120 other players.

The shared progress makes it easy to switch between different devices as they synch with one another to maintain progress and achievements. Players will love this latest instalment in this popular franchise and being able to game on the go will be a bonus for many fans.

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened

Although it has already been released in certain territories, Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is expected to be available in Europe at some point in 2023. The game itself is played using cards, as a massively multiplayer game and a strategic role-play game.

Players will join with others to try and make it through their first year at Hogwarts, learning everything they can about how to be a witch or wizard. The games feature some of the best-loved characters from the book and there are plenty of familiar locations and experiences within the game that fans will recognise as they progress through the levels.

Assassin’s Creed Codename Jade

The latest game from the Assassin’s Creed franchise incorporates a number of the most popular things from previous versions, and a leaked beta version is said to show some of the in-game sequences, although the details haven’t been confirmed.

Most of the speculation is based on the trailer made by Ubisoft as part of the promotion, and the leaked clips, but players are already getting excited about the game’s release. It appears to be a return to its original form, with stealth and agility being vital elements of the game.

Gamers are also expecting to find new combat abilities that can be unlocked, and there is speculation that the original white costume might have made a comeback, alongside other skins, for this version. Fans hope that the appeal of the original game will be combined with the latest tech to win over the next generation of Assassin’s Creed fans.

Pokémon Go

Although it was originally released in 2016, there have been so many updates and additions that it always feels fresh. Players that have been around since the beginning will appreciate the special events, such as Raid Bosses and Spotlight Hour, and new players can enjoy the excitement of discovering Pokémon in the wild.

There is plenty to keep players coming back, from regular special events and community days to championship matches and international leagues. Pokémon Go is also a great game to get players out and about, so for anyone that wants a little motivation to get out and get some fresh air, it’s the ideal game.


DC Heroes and Villains

This mobile game will appeal to anyone who has ever wanted to be one of the DC universe’s iconic villains in a game. While this is in some way a classic match-three puzzler, it features characters that everyone loves and enough role-playing to keep things interesting and engaging.

There is no published release date for this hotly-anticipated mobile game, but fans can be sure that it will offer plenty of fun, whichever side of the law you choose to play on.

Marvel World of Heroes

Of course, if there is going to be a mobile release from DC, then it has to be followed by one from Marvel. Fans are super excited to play this augmented reality game that will allow them to battle their favourite supervillains out in the real world.

From the same team that encouraged everyone to go out and hunt Pokémon, players can now head outside and complete real-life quests to unlock achievements in the game. Anyone that wants their chance to fight on the side of righteousness can take on the villains with some of the best superheroes around.

Players that enjoy gaming on the go are in for a treat this year as many old favourites are offering up new releases to keep everyone entertained. From first-person shooters to puzzles, there are going to be plenty of new games to choose from.