Popular Online Dice Games in Casinos Explained

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For a long time, casinos have been the go-to place for fun and risk-taking, packed with games for everyone’s taste. But let’s talk about one type of game in particular: dice games. They are a unique blend of luck and tactics, making them an exciting choice for players.


Roll to Luck


While some dice games are more traditional, Roll to Luck is a newer game that can be found on some online betting platforms, and users can even play using cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin. Bitcoin dice games like this offer players a unique way to engage with their favorite betting titles while using digital coins to buy in, wager, and withdraw their winnings online. 

The goal is quite simple, players try to reach a certain score or roll specific combinations by rolling dice. Players take turns rolling a set of dice, usually six-sided ones. After each roll, they have to decide whether to stick with the score they’ve got or roll again to try for a higher one, the better the player is at really understanding dice roll probability, the better their decision-making may be.

However, there is a catch. Some dice combinations may lead to penalties or even cause players to lose their turn. This adds a thrilling element of uncertainty, as players weigh the potential rewards against the risks of rolling again.

One of the best things about Roll to Luck is how easy it is to understand and play. With straightforward rules, anyone can join in the fun, regardless of their experience with games. As an additional bonus, there are so many ways to customize the game, from scoring to penalties, keeping each round fresh and exciting.




Craps might seem complicated at first because of its special table and unique terms. But the basic rules are pretty straightforward. Many casinos even offer beginner lessons to help newbies feel more at ease. 

Craps offers ple­nty of betting options. You can go for straightforward “Pass Line” or “Don’t Pass Line” be­ts. You can also try your hand at complex bets like “Hardways” or “Place­ Bets.” This game is well-known for its high-e­nergy atmosphere. Playe­rs cheer each othe­r on, celebrating each roll toge­ther.

Strategy in craps involves knowing the odds of different bets and managing your money wisely. Experienced players use tactics like the Martingale system or the 3-Point Molly to boost their chances of winning and limit losses. A great benefit is that players do not have to travel all the way to traditional casinos anymore to enjoy this game either, there have been great technological advancements that enhance the online gaming experience for players and their friends. 


Sic Bo


This game originated from China, and simply translates to “precious dice’’. The game has since grown and is enjoyed by players all over the world. Players can enjoy Sic Bo at traditional land-based casinos as well as from their laptop or phone from home.

In Sic Bo, players predict the outcome of the roll of three dice, with different payouts based on the specific combination guessed. Bets can range from predicting the total sum of the dice to specific triplets or doubles, as well as options like “Big” (total sum from 11 to 17) and “Small” (total sum from 4 to 10).

Unlike craps, where players roll the dice themselves, Sic Bo uses a mechanical shaker called “Chuck-a-Luck” or an electronic equivalent for fair and random results. While luck is a big factor, strategic betting based on probability can improve one’s chances of winning over time.

Players of all skills can enjoy this game, and most love it simply because of how fast-paced it gets. The potential for bigger payouts certainly puts it at the top of the list for players all around the world. 




Hazard, an old game that likely inspired modern ones like craps, has a fascinating history going back to the time of the Crusades, possibly even earlier. Originating in England, it became really popular in the 17th and 18th centuries, captivating both rich and ordinary people with its mix of luck and strategy.

In Hazard, players bet on what will happen when two dice are rolled, trying to get specific combinations or avoid certain ones, depending on the rules of the game. Usually, one player rolls the dice, and others bet on what they think will come up.

Yes, Hazard is quite similar to craps in a few ways, but it also has its own completely different set of rules and ways that make it different. For example, the game is slightly more complicated and is far more flexible when it comes to betting. 

Even though Hazard is not as popular in modern casinos as it used to be, some people who love gambling history or traditional games might still find versions of it in certain places or themed events.


Dice Twice


In Dice Twice, the players aim to get the highest score possible by rolling dice and creating different combinations. It’s a game that mixes luck with strategy. This game is usually available online, and sometimes available on crypto sites, so players can bet using Bitcoin or other digital coins. 

How it works is each player gets a certain number of turns, and on each turn, they roll the dice trying to make pairs, straights, or other special combinations. The tricky part is deciding which dice to keep and which ones to roll again. Players have to weigh the potential of their current combination against the chance of getting an even better one.

With each roll, the excitement builds as players hope for that perfect combination to rack up points. It’s a game that keeps everyone on their toes and eager for the next roll! If you plan on playing Dice Twice online, there is no reason you are not able to, just be sure to keep in mind that your device is suitable, so that you can have the best experience.