Potentially Useful Tools For Students

The whirlpool of lectures, seminars, coursework, essays, and other processes does not allow the student to relax for a second. It is extremely difficult to keep everything in your head and perform work at a high level. That is why it is necessary to thoroughly understand the operation of various tools and services that can make a student’s life easier.

In this article, we have collected the most interesting and popular tools and services, working with which will allow you to “go ahead of the rest.” Many of the services described below are similar in functionality, but they have different interfaces and terms of use and can be used on different OSes, so you definitely don’t have to install them all.




Most universities today provide students with lots of assignments that they don’t have time to complete. However, services like EssayShark allow you to save time. For example, you can ask them, “Write my essays for me,” and all your papers will be written on time. That’s why we suggest you pay attention to this service.




This program makes it possible to create a class schedule quickly and without unnecessary nerves. This application is designed in a diary format. It allows you to store in the device’s memory not just a schedule of classes but also to record various additional information, types of activities, as well as other information that is useful for planning tasks.

Timetable allows you to add homework and monitor their completion. The program can also be configured in such a way that it will remind you of upcoming classes. For more comfortable work, there are functions for color-coded schedules and means for synchronising data between different user devices.


GPT Detector


Nowadays, the use of AI is very popular among students. However, teachers will not give you high marks if you use it to write your papers. Therefore, you should always use a GPT checker before submitting your work. If the detector has not shown any results using AI, you can safely submit your paper.


iStudiez Lite Student Planner


It is a convenient application that allows you to keep everything under control. In this planner, a student can store their schedule, tasks, and grades, and they can also make various other notes indicating homework. The advantage is the ability to synchronise the application with other calendars on your smartphone.




It is a convenient application that allows you to save tasks in a convenient format. It has the ability to synchronise all tasks with other devices. It’s also convenient that you can add tasks even by voice; you can also set priorities, mark completed tasks, and display a list of tasks that have yet to be completed on the main screen of your smartphone.




If you know that you are guilty of paying too much attention to social networks at the expense of learning, then this application is definitely worth downloading. This application blocks selected sites on the smartphone for a certain period of time, which allows you to focus on preparing an essay, solving problems, etc.



A special feature of the application is the presence of an impressive knowledge base that covers a wide range of educational areas. It includes a large layer of information on the exact sciences and humanities, social studies, and linguistics. Almost all questions can be answered in Brainly.




There is an application and a website. The distance education service cooperates with many universities around the world. Coursera offers its users almost 4 thousand training courses on various topics. After completing many of them, it is possible to obtain an international certificate. Courses vary in duration (usually more than a month).

Many courses can be taken for free, but you will have to pay a pretty penny to get a certificate. Therefore, immediately think about whether a certificate of completion of this or that online module is really necessary.




This resource is suitable for those who study classical literature and foreign languages. Today, more than 500 thousand books in 9 languages are available on the website and in the application of the same name. There are free books and licensed literature. The advantage is the built-in translator (double tap on a word, and you don’t have to rummage through the dictionary looking for an unknown word).




This is another lifesaver that allows you to simplify and optimise the process of organising work. In this application, you can also plan all kinds of group projects or work, creating a space with common tasks. In the program, you can discuss the details of a joint project, set deadlines, and monitor the progress of each participant. The app syncs with various other apps on your phone.




The app allows you to add unlimited users to share files, assign tasks and deadlines, and discuss shared decisions. It is possible to break projects into different stages and track the completion of work tasks.