Roborock Vacuum Robot Amazon Spring Limited Time Deal: Up To 30% Off

Roborock’s spring sale on Amazon is on! 

Roborock vacuum robots, known for their powerful cleaning capabilities and advanced navigation technology, are highly acclaimed for automatically cleaning dust, hair, and other dirt from floors and carpets. For Amazon Spring Sale, Roborock S8 and S7 Max Ultra vacuum robots are available at limited-time discounts, with savings of up to 31%. The promotion ends on March 25th. If you want to save cleaning time for things you love, don’t hesitate, make your purchase now.

Roborock S8 Robot Vacuum

Discount: 27% off

Final Price: £439

Features: 6000Pa suction, dual rubber brushes, upgraded VibraRise 2.0 mopping system, 3D structural light navigation, and obstacle avoidance.

The Roborock S8 stands out as one of Roborock’s most powerful robot vacuums. Compared to the S7, it significantly enhances overall cleaning capabilities. With a suction power increased to 6000Pa, it effortlessly tackles dust in floor crevices, deep within carpets, and large debris. The dual-brush system, featuring two rubber brushes rotating in opposite directions, further enhances cleaning power while reducing hair entanglement.

The new VibraRise 2.0 mopping system increases the vibration area, allowing for faster and easier wiping of stubborn stains on the floor, such as dried tomato sauce on kitchen tile floors.

The S8 can automatically detect carpets and lift the mop. When cleaning carpets, the mop lifts by 5mm, ensuring it doesn’t wet the carpet. (If your carpet or rug has fibers higher than 5mm, you can set it to completely avoid the carpet during cleaning.)

Equipped with 3D structural light and infrared navigation technology, along with a reactive 3D obstacle avoidance system, the S8 accurately identifies and avoids obstacles. Similar to other robot vacuums, once you’ve mapped your home (easily done with Roborock’s laser radar navigation system), you can name rooms and create virtual walls and no-go zones to prevent the robot from approaching certain furniture, play areas, or pet beds.

You can also use Alexa to issue specific voice commands, such as “start cleaning.”

Roborock S7 Max Ultra All-in-One Robot Vacuum

Discount: 30% off

Final Price: £839 

Features: 5500Pa suction, sweeping and mopping in one, all-in-one docking station, LiDAR navigation, and reactive obstacle avoidance technology.

The Roborock S7 Max Ultra is an all-in-one robot vacuum with features and performance similar to the flagship model Roborock S8 Pro Ultra but at a more affordable price.

With a powerful 5500Pa suction and VibraRise vibration mopping technology, the S7 Max Ultra can sweep and mop simultaneously, effectively removing dust, hair, and dirt from the floor, while wiping away stubborn stains. It automatically returns to the docking station to clean the mop, ensuring a consistently clean floor. When detecting carpets, it lifts the mop, increases suction, avoiding wetting the carpet, and enhancing carpet cleaning effectiveness.

The S7 Max Ultra comes with an all-in-one docking station that can automatically empty the dustbin, clean and dry the mop, and self-clean the docking station. This significantly reduces the need for manual maintenance, saving time and preventing hands from getting dirty during the dustbin or mop cleaning process. The 2.5L dust bag can store 7 weeks’ worth of garbage, and replacing it is quick and easy.

Equipped with LiDAR navigation and reactive obstacle avoidance technology, the S7 Max Ultra effortlessly navigates around all obstacles in your home. You can use the app to set off-peak charging to save on electricity costs, customize cleaning schedules based on personal preferences, and enhance your cleaning experience by setting no-go zones, multi-level mapping, 3D mapping, and more.

The powerful Roborock vacuum robot mentioned above is significantly discounted during Amazon Spring Limited Time (which ends on March 25th), and there’s not a lot of stock of this product available, so get it now!