Safety Tips When Vaping Around Pets

Pets are our best friends and we all want to give them the best possible life as long as they are with us. Besides that, vape lovers don’t want to see their best vape device in their pets’ mouths, as it could be harmful to their overall health.

Although vaping is a safer alternative to smoking tobacco, it can endanger the health of pets. If you look at your e-liquid bottle, you’ll see that it says “keep away from pets and children” on each one. If you are a pet owner and into vaping, you should ensure that your pet never gets in danger. If you want to be a more responsible vaper, you need to understand all the risks and know how to prevent all possible accidents. Here are some safety tips you can follow if you are vaping near your pets.

Avoid E-Juices with Nicotine

Nicotine is a chemical substance that can cause pet poisoning. So, nicotine should never be near pets with no exceptions, as it can cause hypertension, diarrhoea, and vomiting. A pet can collapse and have a weak and irregular pulse.

If you want to avoid a possible accident, it is best to stick to nicotine-free vape juices. If this is impossible, then at least try to choose a flavour that will not be attractive to your pet. Since there are endless options for non-nicotine vape juices, you can choose which flavour to take without compromising much. You should avoid chocolate, honey, and candy flavours that are appealing to your pet.

If you still can’t give up nicotine, try to hide the vape juice bottles from your pet properly. When filling the vape device with liquid, wipe the table or floor just to make sure you don’t have a single drop left.

Treat the Vape Device and Juice as a Potential Threat

Since you are already hiding potentially toxic foods and medications from your pet, this won’t be such a difficult task. You need to treat the vape device and vape juice as if they were hazardous. You’ve probably thought about how a dog or cat can open a bottle made as child-proof. It’s difficult for a child to open a bottle with protection with small hands, but the dog will not hesitate to bite it and chew it.

Keep that in mind, and here are some practical tips on how to protect your pet and your wallet from the extra cost of buying a new vape device.

  • Make sure you always put your vape device high enough so that your pet can’t reach it
  • Secure the vape juice by putting it in a lockable box
  • Never leave batteries in a place where your pet can reach them
  • Clean all traces of vape juice after filling the device

Ventilate Rooms

You’ve probably noticed that your pet likes to chase the clouds that the vape device produces. It’s because of the smell of a flavour and basically because pets can find entertainment in everything. It’s essential that although your pet might even like the vapor smell, you always have good ventilation in the room where you are vaping, especially if you use nicotine vape juice. Just as nicotine can be harmful to our health, it can be dangerous to your furry friend.

If you do not have good enough ventilation, you can always open a window and provide air circulation in your house. If you have the opportunity, then avoid vaping near your pet. Nicotine remains on their fur in smaller doses, and because pets constantly clean their fur with tongues, they may ingest too much nicotine and get sick. A pet can’t tell you if it is feeling ill and it often won’t even show it. It’s up to you to be responsible and keep in mind to ensure constant ventilation of the room where he is staying.

If you ever suspect or witness the moment your pet chews on your vape equipment, be sure to contact your emergency vet immediately. The pet might not even have any reactions, but it’s better to be safe than regret it later. If your pet shows symptoms of loss of appetite, fever, diarrhoea, and vomiting, it may be related to nicotine ingestion. If you want to avoid pet poisoning, the most important thing is to put the vaping equipment in a safe place and store it properly.

Just that much is enough to make the space you live in safe for your fluffy friend.