Sargossa: Comfortable Fashion


Gone are the days where looking fashionable, chic and ‘on-point’ entails severe discomfort and painful feet. Sargossa ( have come up with a great solution; one that all women can relate to. In addition, Sargossa founder, Nanna Liv is one of many women in the fashion industry carving a truly exciting name for herself for all the right reasons. TechRound sat down with Nanna to hear a little bit more about her plans and what Sargossa is all about…
Originally from Denmark, Nanna spent two-and-a-half years understand how shoes are made and eventually made the most comfortable stiletto on the market. She explains that the days of ‘no pain, no gain’ and ending a night with sore feet are over. With stilettos from Sargossa, women can be fashionable and comfortable.

  1. What is Sargossa about?

NANNA: High heels made comfortable without compromising on comfort. Sargossa was started out from the need to make some actually comfortable Stilettos that would take all the technical stuff into consideration in terms of optimal heel height, declaim in a shoe, perfect width at the forefront of the shoe and marrying all that knowledge together with some super delicate design expression, to make each Sargossa Stiletto.

  1. How is Sargossa different?

NANNA: Our shoes are different as they consist of a super spongy insole (patent pending) to give an enormous amount of comfort at the same time as being designed around a base that is made for a woman’s actual foot shape, interlaced with a delicate design, to show off a catwalk worthy shoe that is made for comfort!

  1. What are your plans for growth for Sargossa?

NANNA: We want to offer women across the world the opportunity to wear delicate designer stilettos without having to compromise on the comfort. We believe that all women’s feet deserve the right to well-crafted footwear made for comfort and the shape of the foot itself. We aim to grow our brand globally via our online presence and in co-operation with our stockists, and hopefully with own branded stores in the near future.

  1. What advice would you give to young entrepreneurs?

NANNA: As a young entrepreneur you shouldn’t expect to know everything from the beginning and you shouldn’t see anything that doesn’t go to plan as a failure but look at it as a lesson learnt, and then adjust your approach for next time differently. That will make you grow as an entrepreneur with great speed, and truly set you apart.

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