How to Start an Online Casino in the UK

Creating an online casino website in the UK may appear to be a daunting task for prospective casino operators working in other markets and to the beginners who are new in this industry. This type of venture requires true passion for casinos and online games, along with a strong desire to invest.

There are many aspects of this market to consider, and thus, starting an online casino will never be easy. Specific white-label software solutions are available for people who don’t have any idea about programming. By implementing a white label solution, you can set aside certain technical requirements and save on costs. The gambling laws in the UK are pretty straightforward and clear. Getting an insight into how to start an online casino in the UK and run it smoothly is therefore very important.

Take Care of Your Legal Obligations

Before you start thinking about a domain and business name for your online casino, you should have a clear understanding of the different types of licenses regulated by the UKGC, or the UK Gambling Commission. In general, there are two types of licenses you can find in the UK.

One is the operating license, and the other one is the personal management license. Remember that you should possess the operating license whether in the UK or not. You should apply for the remote operating license here if you are planning to operate your platform from another country, with a view to provide UK players with games online.

The UK Gambling Commission has different types of licenses for different gambling games see here such as casino games, lotteries, bingo, betting, and so on. Yet, if you aren’t providing any gaming services to British citizens; only to people of other countries and the infrastructure related to your business is located outside of the UK, you may not need licenses from the UKGC.

You should however, always seek the necessary and proper legal guidance before setting up and committing to anything of this nature.

Creating A Website for Your Online Gaming Casino

Creating an online casino website doesn’t require particularly detailed knowledge of html and programming. There are various white-label solutions with which you can get a ready-made gambling website alongside a well-functioning robust back-end system. There are several options with which you can get choose from a range of choices of layout and design.

There are many providers of much of the necessary technologies and solutions you may need and consider including Microgaming, NetEnt, and Playtech. Their online solutions engage the players.

The Right Software For Your Business Needs

When planning to set up an online casino website for UK players, you will want to provide them with the best games they are looking for. In recent times, there are several solutions for providing users with the best experience.

You will need to provide a gaming website that is capable of running on smaller display screens, with the increases in recent times of mobile and tablet players. There are lots of gaming providers that solely focuses on developing the software intended for use on mobile devices, to help you with this. When it is about poker, plenty of players tend to participate in it. Therefore, you should select a poker network that gives your website the exact type of action that these players are searching for.

Generating More Traffic

You do of course need to have players for your online casino website if you want to make money. The revenues, however, are derived from the losses of players. Online gaming websites should have a deep understanding of SEO, and how to make your online presence visible to the newer players. That means you should conquer the important search terms, and there should be a proper strategy for advertising via social media as well.

These procedures can take some time because the online gambling market is saturated. A study on the online gambling and casino market shows that players tend to bet more and more continuously. Hence, there are sufficient spaces for other gambling websites.

If you know a thing or two about online marketing, make use of:

  • Social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook
  • Blogging and article marketing
  • Different gambling forums

The Fierce Competition

The competition in the online gambling business is tough and therefore you can expect to remain in an online tussle with well-known brands like Titanbet Poker UK. The owner, Teddy Sagi, is popular in the gambling space. Many people like Sagi have a great deal of experience. Another good example is the team behind Betsson, Bergquist, and Sidfalk. Betsson is one of the biggest online gambling casino brands with a UK licence.

They tend to be aware of what their players are searching for. They have the requisite amount of experience to run gambling platforms, and they know what they are doing.

With so much competition in the UK, how do you get an edge over your rivals? How do you get players to choose your site over others? One common approach is to offer a bonus as an incentive for new players to sign up and make a first deposit. But you must make sure that your bonus is actually attractive – or players will just ignore your site and move on to another.

To get an idea of what you’re up against, you can view the best first deposit bonus casinos UK on You can compare the bonuses listed on this website and use them as inspiration to create your own bonus that will (hopefully) be even more attractive.

The Only Thing That Really Matters Is Money

One of the primary objectives of every poker or casino operator is to make money from their website. But how soon can you hope to see some return for your investments? How much effort you have to put in the venture to make it move? And, when will your site generate money?

Even if you decide to perform a lot of the work by yourself and make use of an automated consumer service chat feature rather than a fully-functioning call centre, you will need to invest a lot of money into your business venture. Marketing is important because you would need a lot of new users if you want to earn from your gambling site. When you put all your efforts, advertise and start to appear in the search results in a short time, you can make a return fairly quickly.

It may incur additional costs when you provide an extensive consumer service system and offer live games. Some of the gaming sites begin without them and later add them when they achieve a more extensive player base. This serves as the best alternative when you are aren’t prepared to invest considerable sums in your site from the beginning.

The overall cost for hiring staff and outsourcing work depends on how much you can work on your own and what you can provide to your users. Keep in mind the impact of the consumer support system on your site. There are some casinos where you will find only the contact us’ form without any chat option or telephone number.

Bigger gaming sites have improved over the years, and made those services available for 24/7. Consumer support can be a costly affair, but if you have them, your site becomes more trustworthy. The customer support system is an essential part of marketing.

Having a Safe Online Gambling Experience

Another important aspect of online gambling is to consider player safety. Providing solutions for users who are addicted to the gaming site should be taken very seriously. Like using GAMSTOP self-exclude system GAMSTOP (, where players can self-exclude themselves. With these certifications, you can provide users with the right kind of support for their needs should they require it.

You should find out more information about gambling addictions, their functionalities, and things you can do to keep them out of your poker or casino room. You may see what other organisations are doing in this regard

Providing Your Players With The Big Jackpots

Many players are attracted to the poker rooms and progressive games that have the biggest prizes. And, it is quite natural. When you open a casino, you need to understand that you can’t provide progressive games if you haven’t reached a certain level. Even if you create a site using NetEnt games, it may take some time before you provide progressive games. If you use the right kind of marketing tools and have a strong player base, it won’t take a year to get these games and add to your site to attract more players.

How Do White Label Casinos Work?

With white label casinos, you are in essence renting an online casino from a source that provides all the operational and technological infrastructure that are important to the running of the business, whilst you focus on branding, customer acquisitions, and marketing. The advantages of having this type of casino are clear. Right from licensing, payments processing, consumer support system, operations, to quick setup, everything is taken care of without a hassle. It is quite easy to set up a white label casino in recent times.

The UK online casino is known as one of the world’s largest online marketplaces in terms of gaming and gambling. It is profitable and attractive for remote online gaming service providers. However, due to rigid rules and regulations, entering this market is quite a challenge, but one that may well prove worth the risk if you succeed.

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