Taking a closer look at startups: Baby2Body

Baby2Body is the digital, personalized health and wellbeing coach for expecting and new mothers. They are the only maternity-centric app on the market that’s actually focused on the woman, coaching her on how to stay strong, fit, and healthy through the life-changing process of becoming a mum. Why? Because when mums are healthier and happier, their babies will be too.
Health starts with the mother, and Baby2Body’s mission is to ensure a healthier future for both mum and baby. They are the first global resource to actively encourage women to make their physical and mental wellbeing a priority during and after pregnancy. In doing so, they are not only promoting a healthier future for mothers worldwide, they are creating a generation of healthier children.
The prenatal app space is a busy market, but Baby2Body has carved out a space of their own – delivering a daily coaching experience where each woman receives personalized content that is specific to her stage and her needs. The Baby2Body experience includes detailed updates on baby’s development, fitness workouts and motivation, nutrition advice and recipes, wellbeing guidance (on everything from sleep to body image, anxiety, relationships and more), and provides inspiration for a woman’s beauty and self-care needs. This puts Baby2Body in a league of their own, as they are the only app to fully cover all aspects of a woman’s lifestyle at this time in her life; but what really separates Baby2Body from the rest of the pack is their utilization of extensive data analysis, AI, and machine-learning to deliver a hyper-personalized and connected experience. With their partnership with the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, and upcoming integration with wearable technology and augmented reality, Baby2Body is the premier health and wellness resource for millennial women worldwide.

Melinda Nicci, the founder of Baby2Body
Melinda Nicci is the founder and CEO of Baby2Body, a Sports Psychologist, a professional fitness trainer, entrepreneur, and a mum of two. To her Baby2Body is more than just her business – the brand is an embodiment of her life. Melinda lives and breathes the Baby2Body message – and she won’t stop until every woman has heard that message. The company’s latest effort to spread that message on a global scale is evidenced by the launch of their first advocacy campaign, called: Shape Your Pregnancy.
The Shape Your Pregnancy campaign is aimed at busting the myths and misconceptions about exercise in pregnancy to take control of the conversation to say: active pregnancies are healthier pregnancies. They’ve created this global platform to empower women with the confidence, tools, and knowledge to shape their pregnancy their way.
“This movement is so important to me because it’s a story I’ve lived. As a lifelong athlete, I was horrified when my doctor told me that I should just “sit on the sofa and eat biscuits” when I asked about maintaining my exercise routine while pregnant. Over 20 years ago this drove me to critically explore the reasons why many women follow this sort of outdated advice, and it led to everything I’ve done with Baby2Body. Even today these myths are pervasive and part of the language around pregnancy, and it’s stopping women from living their best due to fear of judgment, lack of support, and uncertainty on what to trust. I want women everywhere to come together, to fight these misconceptions and create a supportive community around this movement. I want to shout about what women can do in pregnancy. Now is the time for a new normal.”
Website: baby2body.com
Instagram: @baby2bodyofficial
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