Startup feature: YourHouseLondon


(Photo credit: Felipe Goncalves)
Company name: YourHouseLondon
Founder: Ana Freccia
Sum up the company: YourHouseLondon is a property management company formed by international people who have a considerable amount of experience living abroad and aim to provide customers with quality studios, flatshares, rooms and houses all over London.

What is the business?

 We do full management for properties and landlords. We also provide studios and rooms in flatshares for students and professionals living in London. Add onto it a welcome pack, transfer from the airport, guides and other extra services.

What are your plans for growth?

Since the company has been launched, we already have added new properties to the portfolio. We are extending the areas we work in and we’ve added also studios. The growth plan increases the partnership with other countries, to have a bigger range in our portfolio and reach 20 properties by the end of 2018.

What are the challenges you have had so far?

I had no knowledge about the UK property market whatsoever. I never worked in properties before. As a journalist, I have been travelling to around 50 countries and lived in 3 of them, always sharing homes with flatmates, which was among the best experiences of my life. As I had lived in so many houses, I had an idea what I wanted and what I didn’t want for my clients. I had to learn about finance, strategy and the law as it changes all the time lately.

What advice would you give?

We get desperate with the number of things we have to deal at the same time as it is so time-consuming, as it seems we can’t move quickly and things take time. My advice is:

  • List all the activities you have to solve in a daily, weekly and monthly basis, divide it in categories and start one by one accordingly.
  • Pay for the services you are not able to do yourself such an accountant or for marketing
  • Take a time for yourself, it’s important to have a fresh mind to make good decisions.
  • Love what you do! People can trust more in your business if you show the love through the way you work