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Company name:
Founder: Gian Mejia
Sum up the business: endeavours to make the process of finding a flat-share in London as safe and simple as possible.

What is the business?

Revolutionary in our approach, uses an escrow payment service for initial payment, which means that flat-share seekers are verified and serious in their interests and offers. All landlords wishing to advertise their property must also be verified, meaning there will be no fake or misleading adverts posted on our platform. Having a background in the London property market, we have seen first hand the problems associated with rogue landlords and untrustworthy flat-share companies. Our concept for is designed to combat these problems and create a secure platform for both tenants and landlords alike.

What are your plans for growth?

After launching in London, arguably the most dynamic flat-share market in the world, we look to expand overseas. We have already have had a considerable amount of interest from potential landlords in London; and with our safe, user-friendly platform we are expecting our business to grow exponentially over the next few years.  We anticipate to be a real game changer and can see it benefiting cities all over the world so once established in London, we will set our sights on other markets with similar dynamics such as NY, LA, Berlin, Barcelona and Dubai.

What are the challenges you’ve faced?

The team.
Although we have over 5 years’ experience in the flatshare industry we are still beginners in the prop-tech world. To make our ideas a reality and get our platform up and running we spent many months looking for the right developers, UX professionals and designers. A solid, core team is essential and communication throughout that team is vital. It took some time but we have now built a team who are work fantastically together as one collective. We feel that with good teamwork comes great results, and this has been proven even before our launch with the planning and structure of our platform. Through working together and bouncing ideas off of one and other, we have created something even better than I initially hoped we could. Although it didn’t assemble itself overnight, we are very lucky to have finally found the incredible team we have.

What advice would you give?

Just go for it, even if there are great risks involved. Although it may take a while for us to see great success (as we are yet to launch), we are confident in the positive impact of our business. Whatever short-term hardships you may face are outweighed by the potential benefits to your quality of life and that of others around you.