Startup profile: Tavistock Tutors

Company name: Tavistock Tutors
Telephone: 02078031190
Founders: Marcus Eriera and Luke Shelley

What is Tavistock Tutors?

Tavistock Tutors was founded in 2009, it started with a mobile phone and just a handful of tutors. Now with over 800 tutors, the company is growing rapidly and is one of the most successful education companies in London.
Tavistock Tutors
We provide tutors for homeschooling, international placements, school consultancy and much more.

What makes Tavistock Tutors different? 

Tavistock Tutors is not just a tutoring agency it is a goal achievement agency. Our top priority is to help our students achieve their goals.
We believe that every student has the ability to achieve their goals and it is our mission is to help as many students as possible to achieve their goals.
Tavistock Tutors offers a very personal service because we find that students learn more effectively when lessons are made relevant. We, therefore, do not simply ask the basic information about what a student is looking for, we do a deeper analysis and find out extra information such as their interests and attributes. That way, we can find the most suitable tutors for our students. Our tutors make learning fun and engaging as they do not just follow the textbook they base the lessons on your interests.
All of our tutors are of the highest quality, with years of tutoring experience and excellent qualifications. We know our tutors very well and every single tutor is interviewed extensively by our team.
Not only do we provide academic tutors but believe it or not we also have tutors that can help you with your hobbies, such as chess, sports or even FIFA.

What are your plans for growth? 

Our focus is to ensure that all of our students achieve their goals. We have therefore created a goal rating which will show the percentage of goals that our students have achieved. This figure is updated every time a goal has either passed or failed. Each of our tutors also has their own goal achievement rates which we send to our clients whenever they request this tutor. This way our clients can see their success rates and feel confident that the tutor can help them achieve their goals.
If a tutor has a low goal achievement rating then we will not use them again, this way we will only have the best tutors on our books. Our plan is to ensure that our goal rating is as high as possible so that all of our students achieve their goals.