Teaching English Online Vs The Classroom


Online teaching has fast emerged as a strong approach compared to traditional teaching methods. Teaching English online can be done in a one to one basis, helping tutors give students their full attention. There are many reasons why people choose to learn English as a language online.

No More Management Struggles

A great teacher can manage students efficiently whilst being a master of their subject. Classroom management is not easy; the teacher has to deal with students with different mind-sets and behaviour, which can be difficult. When you get to learn online in person, the teacher will be able to focus on what is important; teaching you, an attentive student, the subject at hand. English teachers online are not required to perform many of the administrative tasks that comes with teaching in a traditional educational setting. It is more akin to a partnership deal where the student and teachers are partners with common goals. The best thing is that the teacher does not have to cater to multiple students; it’s just the two of you.

Matching The Speed Of The Student

With many students attending a class, it won’t necessarily be the case that everyone is up to speed and at the same point in their learning; different students in the same class will have different trials and tribulations to overcome and attend to. Being a teacher, you have to consider the whole class, along with any individual needs of students. You will sometimes have to move on, taking into account the needs of some students over others and the needs of the class as a whole, perhaps with some students needing follow ups and attention at a later date.

Allowing Students To Control Over The Content

When you take English classes at school, there will be a set curriculum and therefore some generic and mandated tasks and topics to complete. It is therefore inevitable that some students will be better at some tasks than others and you will therefore again, need to pay attention to the weaker students at times where the others are thriving and this is a delicate balance and judgement to strike effectively. Ultimately, when it comes to comparing online teaching to traditional teaching methods, particularly in the case of languages, there are some distinct benefits and advantages to the former. In current times, it is also potentially safer than the barriers which may otherwise be in place in a school or classroom setting.